MS MR returns to the Ogden Theater this Wednesday, May 28th with Rose Quartz for a rescheduled show they missed out on back in April due to an illness the band members were dealing with. The group was originally scheduled to perform at the Blue Bird Theater, but then the show was moved to the Gothic Theater by popular demand, in order for them to play at a larger venue. At the last minute, the group made the call to cancel their Denver stop on the tour, but as promised, the group has returned to take the stage once more. During that brief time period in April the group had a busy weekend coming up with Coachella happening just days later, and I’m sure they could have used all the rest they could get.

Band member and vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershernow are a duo out of New York City, ready to show off their talents in front of a Colorado crowd. From the looks of their Twitter feed, the group enjoyed their time in California and have moved on to finish up their tour. They will be spending the majority of their summer hopping around from music festival to festival. The day after their show in Denver the group heads to hit up the Vegas strip to perform at the Boulevard Pool – Mophie Stage at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.



If you are unfamiliar with the works of Ms Mr, it could be that you are just unaware that you are in fact a fan of their work. Their vintage sound has earned them millions of views on their two very popular singles “Hurricane” and “Fantasy.” Since their debut as artists in 2012, it seems the group has been constantly on the move. Moving around from concert venues to a performance at the Berlin Fashion Week, there is no telling what great heights these two will reach. Their music has been compared to Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray (especially, considering the strong female lead vocals and eerie sound), and Kavinsky. The group is constantly mixing up their sound and working hard with their music. In the short few years since their career has taken off, they have been hard at work producing remixes, filming music videos, cranking out hit single after single, and performing at some of the world’s most popular music festivals. If they ever get a chance to slow down and take a breather, I’m sure another album release will be within their next steps as a musical group.



If you are unable to make the make up show for Ms Mr, you might be in luck! The group is returning to Denver on July 19th to perform at Fiddlers Green with the American Authors. Meet up with your closest friends and grab yourself a whiskey blanket before settling in for a night of warm July musical fun. Those shows go on rain or shine, so make sure to check the weather before you take in a night under the stars.