When the weather heats up, no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. Snacks are even more favorable versus full-sized meals, but finding tools to help you get those snacks on the table can be a great asset.

Instead of spending loads of time in the kitchen this summer, pack a picnic basket of easily prepared snacks. All of these tools are under $50 and are perfect for apartment living – they’re small in size, don’t require set-up, and can be cleaned in no time.

Here’s our guide to 8 must-have items to have in your kitchen this summer: 

10-Minute Popsicle maker



Popsicles can be the perfect way to stay cool when it’s heating up outside, but instead of buying over-processed or high sugar content popsicles that are already made, make your own with fresh fruit and juice. This little machine makes popsicles within 10 short minutes.

Hamburger press


Make grilling easier than ever with a little help from this perfect sized hamburger patty tool. You’ll have even portions of meat and you won’t have to dig in with your own hands.

Salt cellar


When looking into kitchen tools that will save you time and keep you organized, a salt cellar is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But when you’re cooking with salt a lot, shaking it out of a salt shaker can get annoying. Salt cellars are new to the trend list of kitchen items, and come in different types, but you can find something quaint like this egg-shaped cellar. Get salt out quicker and have a little fun showing off your sea salt.

Avocado tool



Cutting an avocado open isn’t the hardest thing, but if you’re making guacamole and need several avocados, this tool can be super helpful. No more using a knife to cut it, then a spoon to dig it out – this tool does all the work for you. Avocados are also a healthy summer snack.

Mini food processor

food process


If you watch cooking shows, you’re familiar with a food processor. They make pie crusts, spices, sauces – you name it – in this machine. But when you’re living in a smaller apartment, larger machines can waste the small amount of space you have. This mini food processor is smaller than a blender and can be used for so many things. Cook like a pro without having to have a chef’s kitchen.

Corn stripper



When cooking with corn, it’s a pain to have to cut off every kernel or make sure you don’t leave on half of it because your cutting skills aren’t spot-on. Or maybe you have kids and they don’t like eating off of the big piece of corn. This tool will take off the meat of the corn instantly, making your corn eating and cooking a little easier.

Garlic peeler

Garlic peeler


Cooking in the summer seems to require more fresh ingredients than any other time of year. A mango salsa is perfect for a party outside, but one of the most dreadful ingredients is that harsh garlic. It seems like right after you touch it, you’re marked with an awful odor on your hands, but you don’t have to smell like garlic anymore. Cure it with this instant peeler. Then throw your garlic in your mini food processor, and you’re set.

Pineapple cutter


Pineapple is a popular summer fruit, but cutting the thing can be a huge pain. Sometimes there are sharp pieces left on the fruit, or you cut off way more than you should of, and end up with only a few pieces left. A pineapple cutting tool like this can save you a ton of time, can help so you don’t make a huge mess, and it’ll get all of the useful fruit out without having to cut the entire thing.

*This article was sponsored by The Breakers Resort: It’s a lifestyle.