Today, there are less than 400 Sumatran Tigers in existence. Without fast action, the species will go completely extinct. This Earth Day, to help spread the message of the Sumatran Tiger’s urgent situation, Portugal. The Man has teamed up with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute to create an “endangered song” on vinyl.

Limited to 400 copies, this awareness-raising song echoes the diminishing population of fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild. The “endangered song” vinyl records are made from polycarbonate plastic, which means they will degrade after a certain amount of plays, causing the song to eventually disappear unless it’s reproduced digitally. 

Portugal. The Man and Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute have asked 400 influencers to raise awareness and inspire change by digitizing the song and sharing it online today using the keyword #EndangeredSong. 

To find out more, visit Download the song and pass it on using #EndangeredSong to spread the word and help keep the Sumatran Tiger alive.

*Photo courtesy of the Portugal. The Man website.