Concrete Canvas: Arch11 Designs the Denver Boulder Restaurant Scene

Arch11 Architecture out of Boulder has built some of the biggest and baddest restaurants in Colorado. Concrete Canvas wants to praise the creative engineers who design artistic, inspired, and unique structures in our city. Arch11’s founders James Trewitt and E.J. Meade often renovate historic spots for the restaurants they design. Collaborating with some of the most prestigious restaurant groups, Arch11 transforms diamonds in the rough into spectacular dining experiences. Here’s a list of the best architectural and gastronomical endeavors that you didn’t know came from the minds at Arch11, beginning with the ballpark area bar and grill…


Ignite, photo courtesy of Arch11

The sleek, modern, Pawn-shop turned ballpark bar is a 303 Magazine favorite. Arch11 explains the interior was inspired by the glow of the hearth. Glass and visible, transparent fluidity tie the Ignite space together. Read our Happy Hour review and stop by the Stadium park spot. The biggest design perk– that stunning rooftop view! 

Humbolt Farm Fish & Wine

Humboldt, photo courtesy of Arch11

Humbolt Farm Fish Wine Restaurant was beautifully renovated by Arch11 just last year. The new space boasts an amazing Uptown location, inhabiting the space formerly occupied by the Strings restaurant.  The menu is so fresh, inspired by Northern Californian seafood cuisine with a farm-to-table concept. Check out our Happy Hour review and be sure to try the Smoked Trout Dip.

Jax, Lola’s, Nolo’s, Bitter Bar, and Happy Noodle from Big Red F

Happy Noodle design details, photo courtesy of Arch 11

You have undoubtedly seen Arch11’s work all over town with the Big Red F Restaurant group, owners of Jax in Boulder and Denver, Lola’s I and II, Happy Noodle, Bitter Bar, and Zolo’s. Each space has a detailed and individualized design that perfectly fits the energy of the particular restaurant. The chairs and tables in Happy Noodle (pictured above) were hand crafted for the space. It is these small, perfectionist touches that make the interior designers and architects at Arch11 experts in their field.

Oak at Fourteenth

Oak at Fourteenth, photo courtesy of Arch11

Tragically, the restaurant formerly in this space had burned down in a fire. Oak at Fourteenth is the phoenix out of the ashes, a restaurant that represents renaissance.  The award winning Boulder restaurant boasts an open-kitchen design and a rustic, contemporary interior. The diner is becoming increasingly interested in the preparation of their food. Arch11 saw the trend and decided to create one fluid process from the chefs to the customer, open to voyeurs and food critics alike to watch their diner be prepared. Look for a review of Oak at Fourteenth from 303 Magazine in the future.

In Progress: Fate Brewing Company & Bandita’s Coffee House

Exterior of Bandita's, under construction currently

Currently under construction are two brand new establishments being designed by Arch11. First, we have Bandita’s Coffee House. The fresh, new Cuban coffee shop hopes to franchise beginning in Boulder, spanning to Denver, that will echo a modern-Miami Art Deco theme. Look for a review from The Buzz when Bandita’s opens up later this year.

Interior of Fate Brewing company, under construction currently

Fate Brewing Company is another in progress construction from Arch11. It will be a gritty, metal, and modern brewery. Colorado will be able to add yet another awesome brewing company to it’s exponentially growing Micro-Brewery list, making us the first in the nation. The tagline for Fate? Dirty modern done right.

“There is a lot of activity with young restaurateurs to move into smaller and tighter spaces, providing more intimate dining experiences and reducing initial start-up costs,” says Meade. “At 7,000 square feet, Fate bucks that trend.”


Qs-Bar-2-640x395Last but not least, we have the inspired and award winning space of Q’s. Q’s is a chef-driven restaurant in the heart of Boulder. Renovated from an old hotel, Arch11 took a classical place and made it modern, fresh, and delicious. The open feel of the bar, historic space, and top notch service make it a Boulder staple. Enjoy the extensive wine collection at Q’s and be sure to visit every Arch11 spot on the list!

Photographs Courtesy of Arch11 Architecture

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