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JJ and Sarah: The Adventures!

jj and sarah

JJ and I met about 7 years ago at a nightclub he was promoting for in Downtown Denver.  We hit it off immediately, but we have always taken things slow.  We believe we have the best love story because we have always sort of been “unconventional.”  We have always taken our time in our relationship, and careful not to rush things. After 6 years of being together, we got engaged in beautiful Kona, Hawaii.  Although people constantly criticized us for not getting engaged sooner, but we feel we are at just the right pace. We have recently decided that we are NOT going to have a wedding. Yes, that’s right! Most people gasp when they hear this. Neither one of us is interested in the wedding hoopla, so we have decided to take the money we have for the wedding and use it to travel the world. We would rather travel the world than have a wedding, and it will be about us and a guest list of two, not 150. Life is short and a wedding lasts 6 hours long, and then it is over in one night. We want to create memories and do something that truly is for us because in the end; it is about a marriage, not a wedding.



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