Planes cover imageThe Denver hip-hop scene is always on the move. At any given time anyone can have their eardrums inundated with the hottest beats or their visuals stimulated by intriguing videos. MC’s in the Mile High City are continuing to find the most innovative ways to convey their creative expression It’s easy to find content and material to cover in the scene but gathering the very best is most key. Here at 303 Magazine, we listen to and watch everything, so you don’t have to. Thank us later.

This Wriky Knotz submission is pretty fresh on the internets. The track features Las Vegas based rapper Cabby over a haunting underground beat. Wriky is always raw in his rhymes and “Dats Me” is no different. His verse is spat through a tight lipped flow that could have really gone one for another verse or two, good as it is. Listen below:

SATA, an entirely new face to the roundup, represents the revolutionary end of the rap spectrum. “Out of Necessity,” is not about jewels or even traditional ghetto plight. The MC spits unfiltered raps about numerous moments of black historical significance with a poetic flow. Listen below

Planes! First of all, I wanted to lecture these young, adorable hooligans about smoking, drinking and safe sex as soon as this video came on. And then the beat sets in for “New Batch,” and suddenly it all makes sense. These trippy kids got flow, rhymes and beats to spare. This is really great. Watch below:

When you see Ha$h’s video for “Change Up,” you will understand pretty immediately he’s not the guy to run off at the mouth to. The other thing is that he can really, really rap. The bravado is obviously subject matter and tone, as the video contains a good bit of acting. Additionally, the beat is tight and the rhymes are brash, like we like them. Watch below:

Squizzy Gang’s AP will out rap the most rapping of the rap. His freestyle over “OG Bobby Johnson” is unsurprisingly exceptional. AP has a touch for wordplay and his brain thinks so fast, he could probably literally rap forever. Listen below:



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Ru Johnson is an entertainment writer and brand ambassador living in Denver, Colorado. She writes about hip-hop and is the creative director at Ru Black, a branding firm that consults creative projects and makes things cool. If you’d like to submit your music, send her an email: [email protected]