img: Darrin Harris Frisby

img: Darrin Harris Frisby

Allyson Baker has a vision. “As you walk up into the space, artistic renderings start to speak. LED light, so there’s light that’s illuminating this beigeness. And right here in this center point is a beautiful DNA helix or some sort of artistic greeting that says we are connected.” Baker is the Community and Business Ambassador for Thrive Integrated Health, a relatively new wellness complex in Glendale founded by Dr. John Augspurger, Biodentist, and Patrick Harrington of Kindness Yoga. Holistic dentistry, yoga, acupuncture, massage, reflexology and ADD/autism support are among the services offered thus far. There is still office space available for the right functional M.D.

Baker believes it’s only the beginning. “Just past that is Nolus’s garden, where there’s a cafe and tables and there’s a place for people, whether they’ve been at yoga or they’ve been up at a dental experience. They gather and they gaze into the beauty.” Nolus was a massage therapist who passed away following a bike accident days before he was scheduled to lead his first massage training in the space. His presence is still strong amongst the community developing around Thrive.

Baker continues, “Over here, there’s a meditation garden. There’s a waterfall. There’s herbs on the backside of the Biodentist office. People can come out and be in the land. Where else, in Cherry Creek off Leedsdale, can you have this much connection to the Earth?”

Thrive has been a magnet for like-minded health services providers, from Proactive Wellness to The Center for Evolutionary Living. There is still a key piece of the puzzle missing, however. “There’s a vision and a desire for a functional M.D. who really holds the integration approach from the medical side. Someone who can partner with Biodentist in creating practices that integrate cheylation, looking at the blood. A deeper understanding of how to heal the whole body.” Baker believes it’s only a matter of time. “Everyone that’s coming is already on their way. It’s the ability to hold the vision in such a way that it is very clear. This is what’s happening.”

Thrive is located at 455 S. Hudson. For further information,

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