Local artist Gamma Acosta is in search of a central and visible wall to decorate with a huge Denver Broncos themed mural. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help find a permanent wall for the historic celebration and moment in Broncos history, just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Gamma Acosta, also known as Gamma Gallery, is a Colorado native, a renowned artist, and most importantly, he is a Broncos fan. Gamma’s overwhelmingly powerful Peyton Manning mural in Longmont is one of the most popular pieces ever featured on Concrete Canvas. The strength, energy and magnetism of his portrait work will take your breathe away.

Gamma Acosta and his famous Peyton Manning/Broncos Tribute

Along with the stunning Peyton Manning/Broncos tribute wall, Gamma has several other Colorado pieces completely decked out in orange and blue. No other street-artist in Denver can touch Gamma with Broncos related work. Gamma is highly regarded as one of the most famous and hard working portraitists in the city. I cannot wait to see the epic new piece commemorating the Broncos AFC win, the amazing season, and the Super Bowl XLVIII!

For his latest Bronco masterpiece, Gamma has asked 303 Magazine to help procure a wall for his next mural. Here are some details about Gamma’s vision and the requests for the wall:

1. Bigger is better. The larger the wall is, the more space Gamma has to make the Broncos mural and portraits complex, detailed, and realistic.
2. Visibility. The wall needs to be as close as possible to Broncos Headquarters at Sports Authority Field. Anything central in Denver is preferred, and most importantly the wall needs to be super visible!
3. Gamma has expressed he wants to paint action portraits. The portraits will be dynamic and exciting with a lot of movement and high energy.

Gamma Acosta Broncos Tribute

4. The mural will most likely include all major players such as Manning, Thomas, Decker, Welker, and Moreno and more. Gamma mentioned possibly including John Fox, Pat Bowlen, and John Elway.
5. The mural has to be completed by the Super Bowl. Gamma wants to start and finish the piece THIS WEEKEND! So responses and emails should be as soon as possible!

Gamma Acosta Broncos Tribute

6. Gamma will paint this mural FOR FREE. His murals usually cost thousands of dollars, especially for a large wall. Yet Gamma is so passionate about the Denver Broncos, he has offered to the wall at no charge.
7. Publicity. This is a priceless piece for any business. Street-art murals (especially portraits done as professionally as Gamma’s) get a ton of attention. Not only will a street-art installation be heavily publicized, but the Broncos winning the AFC Championship and then playing in Super Bowl XLVIII will turn Gamma’s next Bronco mural from famous to historic!

If you have an awesome and visible Broncos wall for Gamma Acosta to make epic, email him at [email protected]!

Gamma Gallery Broncos Tribute