Food Truckin’: Best of Edition

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As the peak of the street food season starts winding down, it’s time to reflect on all the wonderful eats. There are plenty of options on the streets of Denver, but some trucks are just in a league of their own. That’s why it’s time for the Best of Food Trucks Edition! Without further ado, here are the winners in all their glory.

quiero arepas, quiero arepas review, denver's best food trucks, food truck review, perico arepaBest Breakfast: Quiero Arepas for the Perico Arepa

The Perico is Quiero Arepa’s rendition of a breakfast sandwich. After tasting this gem you’re gonna kiss those McGriddles goodbye. This sandwich starts off with the classic arepa bun which is a corn based bread. They slice it open to form a warm pocket where all the ingredients get to know each other. The Perico comes stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, a healthy amount of fresh avocado, and some creamy cheese. Depending on when you visit Quiero Arepas, your Perico can have various additional toppings. Right now it gets topped with a tangy clitantro sauce that gives your tongue an acid kick.


Hey PB&J, Hey PB&J review, blueberry pie, denver's best food truck, denver's best food truck reviewBest Dessert: Hey PB&J for the Blueberry Pie

The Blueberry Pie is the PB&J I wish my mom would have packed for lunch when I was a kid. They start with killer bread that is almost like French toast. It is dense and delicious. The peanut butter portion of this PB&J comes from Hey PB&J’s homemade almond butter. This almond butter is the bees knees (pun intend), and they make it crunchy style so you get awesome texture. The almond butter also packs the sandwich with your protein fix and saltiness to play against the sweet flavors to come: homemade blueberry jam and clover honey. That’s right I said HOMEMADE BLUEBERRY JAM! If you haven’t  had homemade blueberry jam before, it’s amazing. You actually get whole blueberries and the syrup that they produce is sweet and adds brightness to the sandwich. The clover honey is another great addition to this PB&J because it brings a little more sweetness but with natural sugar so it doesn’t take over your palate. The kicker to the Blueberry Pie is pie crust chunks, it’s so genius. It’s an ingredient that once again adds texture so your taste buds are never bored and it really does make it taste like an actual pie, flaky crust and all. The finishing touch on this PB&J masterpiece is that it takes a quick spin on the griddle so it get warm and melty inside and has a golden crust on the outside. It’s a gourmet dessert for any time of the day.


PinkTank. PinkTank review, denver's best food truck, denver's best food truck reviewBest Dish: PinkTank for the Dog About Town

This Hot Dog has everything you could ever want in a meal. It starts off with the standard dog and bun but that’s where the normalcy ends. The Dog About Town has a mound of roasted green chilies, thick-cut maple bacon and that all gets topped with about half a pound of cheddar cheese. The chilies add amazing kick and big flavor which pairs really well with the salty sweet bacon. And you can’t have a great dish without a healthy portion of cheese. Here’s the kicker though, the dog gets a squirt of peanut butter which totally makes the meal by adding a salty heartiness.  This dish is truly one of a kind.

  1. Such a nice honor guys.. Congrats.. The first Perico one I ever had was 4+ years ago before we went shopping for your wedding dress!! nice memories.. hugs Mom

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