Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE)—are primary antagonists in the aging process.  As we voyage through life, sugar—a simple carbohydrate—fuels our vessel.  This logically put, sugar provides our bodies with cellular energy.  Unfortunately, this vital function inevitably goes awry.

AGE occurs when sugar molecules are unregulated in our system. The sugar molecules then attach themselves to proteins and lipids in the body, consequently infringing upon their integral structure.  Skin proteins highly prone to the detrimental effects of glycation are collagen and elastin—the promoters of firm, supple, and radiant skin. The result is a saggy, wrinkly, and lackluster epidermis.

AGE’s cataclysmic damage is pervasive. Because our body is made up of lipids and proteins other major areas of our bodies are also impacted.

Advanced Glycation End Products have been correlated with most diseases associated with aging.


Potential Ailments of AGE:164569463


  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Visual Impairments
  • Skin Disorders
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer

Glycation is an inborn process, which is continually occurring in our bodies. The redeeming report is–when regulated–sugars and proteins can interrelate without damaging implications.


Preventative Measures to Restrict AGE:

  • Excess sugar is the predicament, so limit it.
  • Only eat raw, boiled, or steamed fruits & Veggies- The browning of these foods when cooked creates AGEs. Cooking with water will prevent sugars from binding to the proteins. Thus, averting the direct consumption of AGEs.
  • Drink green tea.  Green tea has been found to promote collagen synthesis and proven to obstruct the glycation process.
  • Add carnosine to your supplements- Studies have indicated carnosine can effectively inhibit AGE formation.
  • Add Vitamin B to your supplements– Pyridoxamine—a natural form of vitamin B—has clinically shown to be an AGE blocker.

Do not fall victim to AGEs–apply dilatory tactics–and age gracefully. Reduce risks of those age old problems of degenerative diseases-associated with AGE–by devoting yourself to a supportive lifestyle.