The 303 Magazine Pool Party Series is just a few days away! And like any good party, the magic is all in the details—so it’s time accessorize. This summer has been packed with jaw-dropping swimsuit trends. But whether you’ll be sticking to the classics this weekend or sporting a mesh piece in the name of minimalism, there are three things you should be thinking: jewelry, sunglasses, hat.

Neutral, simple and completely perfect.

Neutral, simple and completely perfect. (Photo Courtesy of Lily Unique)


Swimsuits were made for jewelry. Well not really, but their general lack of fabric demands something more—and that doesn’t mean clothing. It means fabulous jewelry.

The rules to swimsuit jewelry:

1)   Wear jewelry that cannot be damaged by water—even if you’re not planning on going in the water, let’s be real, you’re going to a pool

2)   Select jewelry that matches the style and the cut of your swimsuit—this is not the time to invent a new trend

3)  Keep it fun and neutral—skip anything gaudy

4)   Pick wisely—you may be committing yourself to some tan lines


Sunglasses are always a great accessory, but when cloaked in next-to-nothing, sunglasses tend to stand out more. Pick a pair that compliments bone structure, matches your swimsuit and that actually has UV protection. Going cheap on sunglasses is never advised.

Sunglasses and jewelry make a statement with a simple black bikini.

Sunglasses and jewelry make a statement with a simple black bikini. (Photo Courtesy of Obaz)


The rules to swimsuit sunglasses:

1)   You’re not Gaga, so don’t dress like it—the fact that you’re in a skimpy swimsuit (however trendy) does not mean that the basic principles of couture have changed. Radical, neon, shutter shades as always a no

2)   Don’t ignore rule one

3)   Go classic—Aviators, wayfarers or cat-eye glasses are all classic styles that are very trendy at the moment, so you can’t go wrong!


Hat lovers of the world unite, it’s pool season. Not only do hats pair extremely well with swimsuits, but they also serve a very practical purpose. So throw caution to the wind and grab a glamorous hat! And as long it’s not a top hat or a wool hat, it’s likely to be just fine.

The rules to pool hats:

1)   Favor straw—it’s lightweight, cool, stylish and won’t be damaged if it gets wet

2)   Avoid frill—the hat is a statement on its own and this is not the Kentucky Derby

3)   Fear not—if you don’t love hats, go for a headscarf!

Jewelry, sunglasses, hat and completely glamorous.

Jewelry, sunglasses, hat and completely glamorous (Photo Courtesy of TheseButterflyBones)


Jewelry, sunglasses and hats aside, do not forget about your pool bag! Fill a straw bag with everything you’ll need to have fun and look great throughout the day!

The necessities:

1)   Lipstick with SPF

2)   Travel size perfume

3)   Oil-free sunscreen

4)   A fluffy beach towel

5)   Lightweight swimsuit cover

6)   Your I.D. so you can indulge with some cocktails

7)   Your party face—because it’s going to be cray!

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