FineD-55All Coloradans know that the Taste of Colorado is more than an average food festival; it is a state tradition. For 30 years we have continually brought our families to civic center park  to celebrate food, fun and our beautiful state. It is our default Labor Day celebration. A place we know we can grab some roasted corn, get a beer and watch hundreds of people ebb and flow through the streets of our capital. Without Taste, we’d all have a lot less wonderful memories and we might not be the state we are today. Because, beside all the years of fun and food, Taste has produced something even more important…

TASTE2012_001TOC’s continual success and importance set the tone for the hundreds of festival that now go to Denver to champion our special culture. Either it is the newly budding marijuana scene, or the plethora of beer festivals, Taste showed that if you build it, people will come. This confidence has led so many special celebrations to take place in Colorado. This includes huge events like The Great American Beer Festival that calls Denver it’s home. We are lucky to say that we will always have Taste to bring our families to so that we can help raise generations of foodies and foster on-going Colorado lovers.  This year 303 is proud to say we are the first to bring you an exclusive look into this year’s event.

For their 30th celebration Taste is debuting a new concept called Pub in the Park. Pub in the Park will feature “new and limited-edition beers and ciders from national and local breweries such as AC Golden Brewing. Festival-goers will be able to purchase individual beers and ciders or a wristband allowing them to sample multiple offerings at the Pub located across from the Coors Sports Zone’. In addition, a few of the breweries will offer truly unique “one keg only” offerings that you won’t want to miss out on!”

If you want to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to this year’s taste of Colorado go to our Facebook and tune in to Fox 31 TODAY (8/6/13) at 10:30! For more info on how to enter go HERE