If you’ve seen the time lapse video of Denver called “Breathless,” you know that these videos are quickly becoming a timeless trend. With over 90,000 views, it’s being shared all over the Internet, including on Fox 31 HERE.

With a passion for the night stars and experience as a photographer for the past 13 years, another local talent has created a time lapse of Denver – shot at 15 different locations. On and off for about a month, Hunter Davis explored the night and captured clouds streaming over the city, wind breezing through trees, and even himself and his dog in one shot.

What may seem like setting your camera down and letting the film capture itself was actually strategic planning, long nights of work, and even a run in with muggers.

303 talked with Davis to see how he got into making time lapse videos, what he has planned next, and where we can check out more

courtesy of Hunter Davis

courtesy of Hunter Davis

303 Magazine: How long had you been planning to do this video?

Hunter Davis: I shoot until I feel I have enough material that would fit well together.  I really like Black and white photography so I thought it would be fun to shoot a black and white time lapse.
303: Did you have a certain season or time of day in mind for the video itself?
HD: Not particularly – this video was done early this spring and throughout the summer. I’m a bit of night owl and I’m fascinated with the night sky. I really wanted some scenes of Denver with the stars moving above.
303How did you choose the location?
HD: In this particular video there are fifteen different locations.  The opening shot is Mt. Bierstadt. Rooftops, hiking trips and Auraria campus were some of the locations used in this video.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting places to shoot, whether I’m walking to work, out about town, or up in the mountains.
303: Any interesting things to look out for in the video?
HD: I like to have a main focal point, accompanied by peripheral motions.  If you watch a few times or look closely, some small details will jump out that you may not notice at first. I am also briefly in one of the shoots sitting with my dog.
303: Did anything interesting happen while shooting it?
HD: When I began this project I had just upgraded to a new more professional camera. My brother and I were out around one o’clock in the morning, the first night out with my new camera.  All of the sudden two hooded figures jumped out from around a corner, both with guns drawn. Having caught us off guard we had no choice but to hand over our wallets and unfortunately my brand new, one-day old camera.
303: Why did you want to do a time lapse video of Denver?
HD: I’ve lived in Denver for five years. I think there is something special about the combination of the city and the nature that surrounds it. I wanted to show the stars moving over the city. Denver is especially beautiful at night and I wanted to try to capture that in a time lapse.
303: Was this a solo thing or did you have a team help you?
HD: For most of the night shots, my brother Miles comes along to keep me company. He kind of keeps watch while I set up the shots. He enjoys that night sky just as much as I do. It’s also nice to have someone watching your back during late hours of the night.
Hunter Davis

Hunter Davis

303: Did you stay with the camera the whole time or did you set it up and leave?
HD: About 90 percent of the time I stay with my camera. It’s nice to watch what I’m shooting.  After losing one camera to robbery, I keep a pretty close eye on it these days.
303: What is your day job and how did you get into photography?
HD: I currently cook full time at Steuben’s which keeps me fairly busy. I get off late at night and often shoot afterwards. I love snowboarding, hiking, camping and most of all photography.  My parents had a flimsy digital camera that first sparked my love for photography back in 2000.
303: What other work have you done previously?
HD: I have done head shots for people, still photographs, and have dabbled with astrophotography.  I have done a few other time lapses, mostly just to work on shoots and to test what looks good and what doesn’t. I’ve been shooting photography for a long time and just over the last year have fallen in love with doing time lapses.
303: Any other cool videos of yours we should check out?
HD: I have one other Denver time lapse I am proud of titled “City Lapse” which can be found on my YouTube. This video is also on my website.
303: What’s next for you/what are you working on now?
HD: I’m currently shooting and editing a new time lapse as well always shooting photography. My brother and I have a nice telescope that we will eventually use to photograph nebulae and galaxies with, as we are both very into astronomy.  I’m also trying to find a place here in Denver to help showcase some of my photos.


Check out the premiere of Hunter Davis’ time lapse called “Black & White.”

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