Sometimes I feel spoiled living in Colorado, with the amazing sunsets, over 300 days of sunshine and the seemingly endless amounts of art that you can find from one end of the state to another. And the glorious thing about the arts is that it is extremely diverse, even more diverse then the sports we are surrounded by and the animals we keep as pets.


"Feline of Light and Shadow" by Ginny Abblett

“Feline of Light and Shadow” by Ginny Abblett


Which is why this Friday’s Experience, “Raining Cats and Dogs” at Paris on the Platte is a delightful exhibit featuring the work of 9 Denver area Artists, that include paintings, photography and more of our favorite types of furry friends.


Artists in attendance include: Ginny Abblett, Leslie Aguillard, Diane Aspinall, John Vincent Buckland, Kathy Friesz, Stacy Gardner, Ferenc Gyulafia, Andrea Mallen and Michal Pfau. This was a juried show by Paris on the Platte owner Fay Maguire.


Reception is today, Friday, July 12th, 2013 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Paris on the Platte located at 1553 Platte Street, Denver, CO, with the exhibit running through August 31st, 2013.


Ginny Abblett and Diane Aspinall had an opportunity to answer a few interview questions about their art, life, style and journey to becoming an artist.


“I was born to be an artist, so it was not a decision I made” smiles Ginny. “I work in pastels and acrylic and am also a seamstress creating soft sculpture storytelling dolls and re-creations from vintage kimonos,” states Ginny and continues “My Santa Fe Drive Studio/Gallery is filled with acrylic floor cloths, placemats, Kimono original scarves, shawls, purses and pastel paintings.”


"Sweet Feline Dreams" by Ginny Abblett

“Sweet Feline Dreams” by Ginny Abblett


“I believe the word BALANCE says it all. I have wise and supportive friends. I work diligently in a field that I love, I especially work hard on living a positive life and sharing my good fortune with others,” Ginny states.


Ginny also teaches providing private classes and holds workshops.

The tone in which Ginny answered these questions is it obvious to me that she is balanced in life the way most of us would like to be. Her art shows the viewer a delicate balance of her efforts and “I love the process and joy of creating art.” If only the animals could talk and share their deep thoughts.


"Hedwig" by Diane Aspinwall

“Hedwig” by Diane Aspinwall


Diane comes with a different perspective toward her artistic journey. “My sister and aunt are artists and I always thought that they had the talent, but a number of years ago I literally woke up one morning to the epiphany that I should start painting!” Diane says with an “ah ha” moment smile and continues “I went to the art supply store and started painting that day. I am totally self-taught and have more ideas for paintings in my head that I think I will ever be able to complete.”


Once living the corporate lifestyle, “I left work at 5ish and then gave myself over totally to my personal life; now I paint all hours of the day and truly know what it is to finally find my passion. I am not able to take in instructions, advice or lessons and remain natural. I just want to sit down in front of my canvas and let it flow, without any thoughts of how it “should or could” be done.” Diane states matter of factly with a smile.


"Blue Eyes" by Diane Aspinwall

“Blue Eyes” by Diane Aspinwall


Find your way down to Paris on the Platte where two legged and four legged friends are always welcome, and remember any day and night is always a good time to start your art collection. Be an art buyer and support the arts.


Raining Cats and Dogs was produced by Art D’Elke, LLC, a collaboration of artist/art consultant Elke McGuire and strategic marketing specialist Denise Robert.  For more information you may visit or call 303-368-5208.


Ginny Abblett’s artwork can also be found at her Denver Gallery Ginny Abblett Fine Art located at 910 Santa Fe Drive and in numerous stores in Taos, New Mexico.


Diane Aspinwall artwork can currently be seen at Kanon Collective Art Gallery 755 Santa Fe Drive, Denver,, and Locanda Del Borgo Resaurant at 3rd and Holly, Denver. As well as, and