Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose


We are all born with different gifts that lead us on our journey. Some of us grab hold of the reins so tight that we fail to experience the world around us.

This is just not so for Elizabeth Rose who was born with a fierce tenacity to become a songwriter, musician, singer and actor and to be just as beautiful of a human being as her name.

“My grandmother gave me my first piano in pre-school and I learned to read music as I learned to read books,” says Elizabeth. This set Elizabeth Rose on her path of Music Artistry.





Sympathy F - Denver's Local Favorite Band

Sympathy F – Denver’s Local Favorite Band



Elizabeth Rose began her musical journey with Band Sympathy F as a lyricist and then began composing in the late nineties. “Tony Morales and Doug Seaman of the band have been my greatest influences,” says Elizabeth with her Elvis-like smile.




While Elizabeth has received accolades for her acting, playing music for a living means she hustles to get her gigs, shows up on time, keeps her word and practices on a daily basis so her performances are seamless. “The recognition I get for my music is getting paid and getting paid what I’m worth,” smiles Elizabeth. Her dedication to her art explains why she has as many as ten (10) different venues that she is booked at on a regular basis.


There are many moments in life that have nourished Elizabeth’s spirit, she prides herself on being a mother, journeyman actor and musician. Family is paramount to all her decision-making. Elizabeth honors her gifts and gives back to the universe.


Sympathy F

Sympathy F


Elizabeth Rose and Sympathy F perform this Saturday, July 20th at Larimer Lounge. Doors Open at 8 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m., $10 tickets in advance or $12 day of show. Larimer Lounge is located at 2721 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205. www.LarimerLounge.com.


Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose



For more information and bookings please contact Elizabeth Rose on Facebook or email her directly at [email protected] Rose by any other name would still be named Elizabeth Rose.

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