Pretty, Please: 5 Simple Steps for Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

Pretty, Please: 5 Simple Steps for Long Lasting Eye Makeup.

Leave the house looking like a 10, and return looking like a tired two? We’ve all experienced the sweaty smudge, and often surrender to the swelter. Don’t fear the smear. Here are a few technical changes to your eye makeup regimen to triumph over temperatures.


Long-lasting eye makeup starts with what’s below the surface — a clean canvas. Clean, moisturized skin is important for even, long-lasting makeup.

TIP: Prepare for moisturizing oily skin with astringent lotion. On dry skin, simply apply a skin toner.

Now that your face is clean, and moisturized, lay your foundation.

    • Start at the center of your face blending with outward motions and deposit a thin layer of foundation on eyelids.
    • Lightly dab concealer where needed.
    • Whisk powder over entire face.
Applying eyeshadowTHE FOCAL POINT

Accomplished makeup artist Jennifer Rogers has experience ranging from commercial and editorial, to both theatrical and wedding makeup. She offered a procedure, and techniques to better prevent smudged eye makeup.

1.  Prep eyelids with an eye primer, and allow it to set.

  • Primer will coat the eyelid, leaving a smooth surface to insure even eye color, and reduce the chance of creasing. “Some people’s eyelids actually get oily, or sweaty, with or without the heat,” Rogers said. “You don’t want to add too much product because that can cause creasing too.”

2. Apply eye color beginning at crease or lash line blending with small, circular motions outward toward temples.

  • Blending inward can produce a dusty, and practically invisible, sheet of eye shadow. This excess product can become completely visible in natural creases at the first sign of perspiration.

3. Paint on eyeliner as close to lash line as possible. Whether you prefer thick or thin eyeliner, build from lash line.

  • Layering liner has its advantages and disadvantages. “It could potentially help with staying power depending on the formula of the liner,” Rogers said.
  • Long-wear liners don’t need to be layered. They often peel and flake when multiple coats are applied.
  • Lining your waterline can be challenging since it’s already prone to smudging — it is called the waterline. Pencil liners are more likely to endure any additional moisture on lower lash line.

Before stroking on your favorite mascara and applying cheek color, set the eye makeup you just placed.

4. Lightly sweep colorless, ultra-fine powder over your entire eye.

  • This last layer of product will lock in your eye makeup and absorb moisture before it reaches your established eye color. “I like to take a finely-milled transparent powder to dust over the entire eye,” Rogers said. “It’s not going to add any color. It’s just going to set everything you’ve just done.”

5. Carefully curl your eyelashes. Using a waterproof or water-resistant mascara, gently apply mascara to the top and underside of your lashes.

  • For summertime sweating, I’d simply use water-resistant mascara. While it doesn’t completely resist the penetration of water, it will definitely withstand sweat. Also, it’s much easier to remove at the end of the day.

Finally, brush on desired cheek and lip colors to complete you summer savvy look.


It all depends on preference. However, you should steer clear of some cosmetics and techniques during the sunny season:

Pretty, Please: 5 Simple Steps for Long Lasting Eye Makeup.

  • Kohl liners tend to smudge easier.
  • Cake liners are high-pigmented, pressed powders that are applied with a damp brush. These liners are water-activated. Any moisture will cause running.
  • Heavy eye shadows aren’t out of the question, but can smudge in the corners of your eye even without perspiration.
  • Over coating mascara can cause bleeding. A maximum of two coats is safe. Allow the first coat to dry before applying your second coat.
  • Lower lash color can increase the chances of smearing. They’re closer to your skin, and natural skin oils which cause running.
  • Squinting creates lines. Pop on your favorite sunglasses to prevent additional creasing.




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