esther1It’s not very often that you encounter a person with so much tragedy in their past. But as the evening would have it, under rare circumstances, I found myself at the Joshua Station in downtown Denver only to meet a woman Esther Adler, with a passion to uplift people’s spirits and change tragedy into blessings. Joshua Station, if you don’t already know, is housing for families to make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment.

Her website,, is a greats insight into her inspiring life. She is an author of an Amazon best seller “Breaking the Chains to Freedom,” a dynamic speaker, actor, and dancer. This women really has her life together. So waht is it about Denver that drives Adler to come here and speak on local families stuggling through personal tragedy?

“I always look for the opportunities/blessings in every situation;no matter how challenging there are always opportunities. I also love to ask, “What would love do now?” (From Conversations With God Book 1.)

As the night went on, Adler began to tell her story. It became apparent, almost a slap in the face why a woman with so many talents would travel across country to different cities to specifically speak to a special demographic of people. Looking at her you would never know the harsh conditions she had to surpass to get to the person she is today. Born in Montreal Canada, Adler had a turbulent life. She began to tell us about how she had been born into a severely abusive environment, brutally beaten from the age of three by her father. After her beloved mother experienced a severe stroke Adler became a

esther-adler-69caregiver for her handicapped mother at the age of eight. Forced to run from the fanatical ultra-orthodox Jewish life she was brought up in. Married at age 18 and mother of four at age 27 with a controlling abusive husband. She went through a difficult divorce, and as a result has left her children to alienate her. Then to top it off she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes.

In detail Adler explained that as she was going through her own tribulations she knew this was not the height of her life. She felt an inherent need to help others even when she herself was hurting. She explained that when people go through tragedy they are usually stuck in what she calls an infinity circle of anger and depression and that there are only two ways to get out. We either alter our state of mind with drugs, alcohol, etc. or consume ourselves in work, anything to keep our mind off what really is going on. Or we can choose the tougher more successful route; look for opportunities in these tragedies. This is what Esther refers to as the method she teaches (and the title of her book), helping women and men “Break the Chains” to emotional freedom.

break the chains

“To every end, every challenge, no matter how painful, is the light to a beautiful rainbow. Just look for what you don’t see. Opportunities are everywhere.”

To help others, Adler visits homeless shelters and tries to give them the tools they need to change their lives. Esther has the amazing gift of walking with people through a life changing opportunity of transformation. Leading as an example, she shows what gifts have come from her own tragedies. She has a special ability to teach others how to look at their tragedy as the greatest blessing in their life. As Esther continues her teachings, she also offers workshops, retreats and individual coaching sessions. For more information, visit