Uber Sausage

Photography by Caitlin Savage

Uber Sausage originally began in what is lovingly called the ‘gourmet ghetto’, aka east Colfax.  For years this location has become a landmark with its large, black and white graphic sign sticking out from the grime and neon below. This location solidified Uber Sausage as a name and identity in Denver, but recently Uber upped it’s game. Now the newly-opened second location resides not in the ghetto but rather the coolest, hippest and one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Denver, the Highlands. More specifically in Lohi, the US second location has a prime spot. Sharing a killer view of Denver with the best Restaurants in town, this is a great place to be. Now instead of just being able to grab a quick bite to eat, the Lohi location offers a much more social atmosphere. The space is larger, has a great patio and a wonderful local beer selection. Uber has quickly redesigned itself to be less of a ready-to-order and more of a social hang out. And from what’ve heard it’s working for them.


Uber sausage tater tots

Photography Caitlin Savage

Along with this geographical upgrade, Uber has beefed up its menu (pun intended). Now instead of locally buying their sausage they produce their own. This took their already delicious sausage concoctions, as well as their image, to a whole new level. Uber can easily call themselves artisanal, which is something that many in Denver highly value. Along with better ingredients, they have expanded their menu to include breakfast items and salad. I was fortunate enough to sit down and sample the food with one of the founders, Marco, who happens to be a powerhouse when it comes to fast casual (ever heard of Noodle and Company?). He was gracious enough to spend some time talking to me about their major success down in Lohi while I tried almost everything they had to offer. I was equally impressed with the growth of the second location as I was with the food. Everything they brought out was delicious and unique. Their original sandwich selection hosts a variety of sausages and flavor profiles so that there is probably at least one you’re going to love. My favorite was the Vietnam made with Thai Chili Lemongrass Pork Sausage and Sriracha Aioli. Spicy, savory and wonderful. I also really enjoyed their breakfast options, their take on an Eggs Benedict, the Waffle Benny, is absolutely to die for. Its something you’d never expect from a sausage company but rather a highly successful breakfast eatery- except you’d get it a lot quicker and without all the hassle. Lastly, you have to try their tater tots the next time you need a little grease in your belly ( like after a night of drinking). They kicked these childhood favorites up a notch and topped them with flavorful mayonnaise and toppings like Cheese, Bacon, Crema Fresca & Scallions. These things are easy to love, a little dangerous….

Overall what I learned about US is this place has a lot more to offer than just hot dogs and sausage. At first I was a little hesitant to see what they were all about; hot dogs/sausage are often not my thing. However I was pleasantly surprised by their menu and atmosphere. The food is delicious with a lot of options; they have great beer and an amazing patio. Not a lot to complain about. What I am really excited about is to see how they expand. With their amazing team of founders who knows where it could go. Maybe they will end up the next Noodles & Co with one on every corner? Crazier things have happened…

Uber Sausage Lohi

The amazing view from Uber Sausage Lohi. Photography by Caitlin Savage