CS1What: Crock Spot

Where: Follow them on Twitter to find their next stop

Recommendation: Jalapeno Roasted Beef

When I think about slow cooked meals I remember all those sick days as I kid, curling up on the couch with a nice hot bowl of soup. But bringing back those nostalgic dishes can also bring kitchen headaches. After all, who wants to spend hours smelling deliciousness without being able to touch? At Crock Spot our childhood dreams get reborn with our pick of homemade slow cooker meals. Eating here is like picking up a big bowl of comfort.

The moment I stepped up to the Crock Spot order window I knew great things were in my future from the mouth-watering smell; think backyard barbeque meets spice market. The entire menu sounded delicious so I asked for a recommendation and was advised to go with the Jalapeno Roasted Beef. I’m never gonna argue with getting a huge helping of slow cooked beef. This meal is not a gut buster by any means though. The Crock Spot is definitely a hangout for the health conscious which is great for me because that just means I can have dessert too, right? Some proof of their healthy habits includes their Hearty Pearled Barley and Root Veggie Coconut Curry.

For my recommendation this week I’m sticking with the Jalapeno Roasted Beef. It’s extremely succulent and tender and the jalapenos give it a subtle heat that just starts to warm your mouth up. I also loved  the Jasmine rice, it’s perfect for soaking up all the flavors in your bowl. We mustn’t forget the veggies either and the Vegan Beet Nut Balls are spectacular. If you’ve never had beets before this should be your first experience and you’ll be hooked. The nuts add a nice toasted flavor to the beets, which are julienned and have great texture similar to carrots.CS2

Now as great as the Crock Spot already sounds their true addictive powers are all in the sauces and each order comes with the sauce of your choice. My favorites are the Cuban Mojo and the Sriracha Sour Cream. The Cuban Mojo has a hint of citrus, fresh herbs, and tahini and it really brightens a dish up. The Sriracha Sour Cream should have a colt following if it doesn’t already. It gives a sweet heat and would make a eating a flip flop taste good; I don’t even like sour cream and I couldn’t stop putting this sauce on everything.

If I none of this strikes your fancy don’t be discouraged because the Crock Spot has over 10 protein selections, including several vegetarian options. They also have several grain options and sides that include Asian Slaw and Roasted Yams. To top it all off they have their assortment of sauces that will take any dish over the top, like the Chimichurri, Fresh Basil Tzatziki, and Cranberry Wasabi.

After eating at Crock spot I feel like fully satisfied. Flavorful, healthy and hearty meals with so many options, its hard to go wrong here. Plus with their great vegetarian options it just might be possible to eat all those vegetables I’m supposed too. As long as they keep the piping hot bowls flowing and the sauces in high supply I’m all about the slow cooked goodness at Crock Spot.