An irking vanity conflict – the elimination of that notorious belly fat. It is a struggle too which many exhibit, but little avail.

Q: What perpetrates this excess of stomach fat?


1.     Triglycerides: Fats formed from three fatty acids attached to a glycerol molecule – the basic building blocks of fats and oils.

·      Consuming excess sugar, starch, and carbs hoist your triglyceride levels

·      They are a mechanism to store unused calories

·      Storage unit of preference — the abdomen

·      This storage accrues to fat

2.     Stress: The instigator of the hormone cortisol.99528608

·      Cortisol triggers insulin production

·      Insulin transports glucose

·      Glucose feeds your cells energy

·      High stress can induce a surplus of insulin leading to a resistance

·      The additive effect of “insulin resistance” denotes your cells are not able to absorb a regulated amount of glucose (cellular energy)

·      This elicits sugar cravings (stress eating) — the bodies attempt to balance glucose levels

·      This loops back to consuming foods that raise triglyceride levels

·      A causation of fat storage

A: Eliminate the cycle and strive to exhibit the body of success.

160775591Chlorogenic acid is a natural compound present in “Garcinia Cambogia” (a super food) and “Green Coffee Beans.”  Chlorogenic acid regulates glucose absorption.  Glucose then is permitted to provide sustained energy. This sustainment boosts the metabolism, while lightening sugar and carb cravings.  The concurrence of these mechanisms can lower triglycerides and result in the reduction of fat absorption. Complementing chlorgenic acid with stress relieving methods, healthy food options, and cardio has the potential to facilitate weight loss goals.