Take it off and ascend the heat at the explosive pool party series hosted by 303 Magazine and sponsored by Grey Goose, Bacardi, and Red Bull. Assembling an entourage of foxy catches in an atmosphere burning with potential. Summer romance may just be easier than getting a tan.

August 4th 2013 dv739015

The Breakers Resort

9099 E Mississippi Avenue

Denver, CO 80247

Tickets & Information at www.303Magazine.com/pool


So, how can you be confident and ensure that opportune moment for a summer romance? One alternative is to ignite captivation with subtle allures:

  1. The Entrance: As you enter, sport your summer shades. This allows for some inconspicuous recon. Glance around for that someone that suits your taste. Once settling on an area, remove your sunglasses to permit eye contact.
  2. Line of Site:Be seen and easily noticed. Secure a spot proximal and visible to your prospective suitor, as to engage in the flirtatious gaze.
  3. Safety First: The value of the right SPF. Use sun protectant with a spray applicator. Remember to always apply full coverage. As you attempt to reach those difficult to get places, such as your back, make it subtly obvious. Spray sunscreen is less intimate and will pose less intimidating, making it all the more probable your poolside cutie will offer a hand.
  4. Accidents Happen: We all should know the rules, “no running” in athwart to that casually make your rounds. Await the moment when your eye candy is not completely surrounded. Swagger by… oops it would appear you dropped your sunglasses out of your hands and right at their feet. Continue to walk for a few seconds, seemingly oblivious. At this moment there are two preferable options. First, your new potential calls it to your attention – as they courteously retrieve them – breaking way for conversation. Secondly, you twirl back – bat those eyes and flash a smile – swooping them up yourself. Just remember to bend and snap.” Of course, I am being jocose with the last statement, for the most part…


Advice from your confidant: Always keep in mind subtle allures are a superb way to have that splash of finesse.