Awareness for conservation of our environment seems to be rising. Ideas have been planted, efforts poured, and some prosperity has been grown. Here are two contributions you can make to perpetuate the green movement.

“Fair at the Bear”

Embarked on by Groundwork Denver, this volunteer opportunity improves the natural surrounding areas of Bear Creek. Concluding volunteer activities will be the fun filled fair events.





Water quality

Trash removal

Tree protection


Saturday, June 8, 2013

9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Bear Creek Park 3550 S Raleigh Street

Denver, CO


“Water Bobble”

The chic side of sustainability, a product pioneered for efficacy, an affordable reusable portable drinking device: the “water bobble.”




Portable water filtration


BPA free




Available at local retailers or for the full product line visit



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Brandan M. Rader is a student of psychology working towards the acquisition of his degrees. He applies his knowledge and innately intuitive analytical abilities – to understand the deepest webbings’ of human nature – on an acutely detailed level. Brandan is a firm believer in achieving self-respect, self-confidence, and ultimately self-love through ones authentic being. In his spare time Brandan works in the holistic health industry, enjoys hitting the gym or yoga studio, meditating, and favors spending time with and meeting new positive people.

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