Picture Courtesy of Flint Cultural Center

Picture Courtesy of Flint Cultural Center


When looking up the definition of culture, as a noun, these are a few of the 9 definitions that you will come across: 1. art, music, literature and related intellectual activities, 2. enlightenment and sophistication acquired through education and exposure to the arts.  Then onto a lengthy biological material definition of culture, to 3. customs, beliefs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people and one of my favorite parts of the definition: 9. the development of a skill or expertise through training or education.

You may be asking what does all this mean? It simply means that we writers do our best to stimulate your senses to the art, literature, theatre, dance, film, music and cultural experiences that are happening in Denver and the surrounding areas.  It is our duty to enlighten our audience through education so that you may develop skill, even expertise when exposed to the arts, no matter what it is.


So in saying all this, here are some exciting cultural events that you should take the time out of your schedule, to visit,  experience and develop a Cultural Appreciation for the Arts.


Fresh Jazz & Crisp Vinyl Series - Courtesy of The Dikeou Collection

Fresh Jazz & Crisp Vinyl Series – Courtesy of The Dikeou Collection


Tonight, Friday, April 19th make it a point to stop by the Dikeou Collection as they launch Fresh Crisp Vinyl Series, from 7:00pm-9:00pm, 1615 California Street, Denver.  “This series aims to highlight local Jazz musicians and use the dialogue artist Devon Dikeou examines in her installation “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” in 2011, to further explore the current forms of Jazz music”.

The Fresh Jazz and Crisp Vinyl Series “will focus on Jazz musicians living and working today, whose names are not yet embossed into history, but whose energy, wisdom, well worn instruments, and presence in the Jazz scene are further defining our admiration for this life form called Jazz music. Selections from the Vinyl Archive will thus serve as a remembrance to all the Jazz greats who came before the Jazz musicians we shall hear in this Series”.


The first night of the series The Dikeou Collection, located on the 5th floor of the Colorado Building is hosting the Denver-based quartet Side Order lead by front man Michael Boykins. “In addition to this, we will be playing hidden Jazz gems found in our recently archived Vinyl Collection. The image of the Sonny Simmons album below is just one sample record from our archive that we look forward to sharing with you” smiles Devon Diekou.


RED/YELLOW/BLUE (and Black and White): Clyfford Still Colorist, photo courtesy of Clyfford Still Museum

RED/YELLOW/BLUE (and Black and White): Clyfford Still Colorist, photo courtesy of Clyfford Still Museum


The Clyfford Still Museum has the popular  Red/Yellow/Blue (and Black and White): Clyfford Still as Colorist exhibition extended by one week through May 19th, 2013.

The installation presents 32 major works with nearly half of which have never been exhibited before. “The works are arranged throughout five distinct galleries that correspond to each of the artist’s signature hues: red, yellow, blue, black and white. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience color in a new way”.

Clyfford Still Museum is located at 1250 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204, 720.354.4880.


Dia del Nino (Day of the Young Child) Event - April 28th, 12p-4p

Dia del Nino (Day of the Young Child) Event – April 28th, 12p-4p



Also coming up, Sunday, April 28th, 2013 an event for the entire family.  Clyfford Still Museum and Civic Center Complex present Dia del Nino (Day of the Young Child), Noon – 4:00pm, as they celebrate children around the world.  This event is in partnership with The Denver Art Museum and other cultural organizations in the Civic Center Cultural Complex.


“Participate in art-making activities in the Museum’s forecourt and explore the Museum’s gallery while also enjoying multicultural performers and activities around the Civic Center Cultural Complex”.  This is a free event, no reservations needed. Family friendly and all ages are welcome.  This event will take place rain or shine.

So get out there tonight, mark your calendars and stay tuned to 303 Magazine as your source for Adventure, Music, anything Cultural.


Wendy L. Pitton R. is a culture writer for 303 Magazine and the owner of WENDO Productions.  WENDO Productions is an artistic production and artist representative company. WENDOProductions.com