Reya Bracelet | Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Mac

Reya Bracelet | Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Mac

Denver Fashion Weekend and 303 Magazine are thrilled to have Boulder born designer Geoffrey Mac present his Spring / Summer 2013 collection during this Thursday night’s runway show. Mac’s designs are a combination of casual sophistication twisted with an urban futurism. He maintains a sexy yet strong aesthetic by combining materials beyond those of traditional tailoring and construction. Latex, and most recently silicone, have inspired his avant-garde looks that can be worn in the pages of fashion magazines and transitioned for the chicest of events.

Mac is based in New York City and is an avid supporter of the make-local, buy-local movement that is spreading throughout the fashion industry. Domestic production is an important aspect of his business and he continues to produce jewelry and clothing in-house.

Read this Q&A with the talented designer to learn more about his design beginnings, his inspiration, and his advice for young designers.

At what age did you know you wanted to be a designer?

GM: I remember being really impacted by the 80’s singer Jane Child’s polished punk style. I was not into her music so much, but I was obsessed with her look in her breakout video, which included bold nose chains and super long braided hair extensions.

Where did you learn your design skills?

GM: I studied at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, where I graduated (in 1999) and was also a professor. I also gained a lot of experience creating custom looks by being active in the wildly creative and drug-fueled 90’s club scene in Chicago.

What is your greatest design inspiration?

GM: Pulling from the past to prepare for the future. My designs are always a mash-up of ancient cultures, with futuristic, and vintage eras.

What is your favorite Denver restaurant/bar/coffee shop?

GM: Central is new and super delicious.

You use innovative techniques and materials in your designs, do you have a favorite?

GM: Silicone! As we speak we are launching our premier jewelry collection, now available at Silicone has replaced latex for me, which has been a specialty of mine for many years now. We are proud to be making all our own molds and producing everything in house. It feels good to get back to some fine art techniques.

What celebrity would you like to see wearing one of your pieces?

GM: Niki & The Dove, Azealia Banks, and Grimes are some of the performers on my wish list at the moment.

Geoffrey Mac Tarsus Pant | Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Mac

Geoffrey Mac Tarsus Pant | Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Mac

Would you be able to describe the collection that you will be presenting at DFW?

GM: The Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is more of a minimal and honed down statement. The color palette is very muted overall which is totally uncharacteristic for me. It has some unusual sculptural details, which I’ve come to be known for. We developed some more comfortable and casual unisex looks such as drop crotch pants. Influences for the collection included everything from robots and spaceships to insect bodies.

Do you have any advice for young designers trying to break into the industry?

GM: Unless a career in fashion means absolutely everything to you…I’d recommend a different career. You have to absolutely love it and live for it. Be prepared to struggle and work tirelessly. If you like to sleep in and have weekends off, this is not the career for you.

Is there anything else you would like to share with 303 Magazine readers?

GM: I’d like to emphasize the importance of supporting local designers and companies with domestic production.  XO-G