L’artiste: Outside the Box Opening Reception at Paris on the Platte

Paited Cityscape by Malia Shields
Painted Cityscape by Malia Shields
Painted Cityscape by Malia Shields

Most people would classify photography as a form of realism; images with characteristics that are mostly manipulated by light and a high quality lens. For Nathan Mahaffey and Malia Shields, the photo is just the beginning. Hanging at Paris on the Platte is a collection of photography mixed with literature, digital manipulation, and surrealism. Nathan, an emerging artist from Colorado Springs, is presenting a collection of abstract photography that is partially processed with hidden philosophical sayings. He describes this as using two mediums to describe one feeling. Among his collection are also locally photographed images of nature that Nathan describes as a blend between surrealism and realism. This will be his first gallery showing, though art is something he’s felt passionate about for most of his life.

Flowers Imprinted by Nathan Mahaffey
Flowers Imprinted by Nathan Mahaffey

Malia is a Lakewood resident who prints photographic images on unique materials such as aluminum. Her inspirations come from nature and cityscapes and she finds that creating art gives her great mental clarity. Malia, too, manipulates mediums that she believes carry hidden messages within. “I’m not at home unless I’m creating something,” she describes when discussing her art. Malia has won awards for her artwork and is, for the most part, self-taught.

In support of the Month of Photography, Art D’Elke will be hosting an opening reception for these artists at Paris on the Platte on March 8th from 5-7PM. Both Nathan and Malia will be present that evening to answer questions and introduce guests to their photographs. Artwork can be viewed through April 28th with a closing reception taking place on April 26th from 5-7PM. For more information, please visit ArtDElke.com.


IMG_7072bGiulia is a hard core yogi who loves city life and local art. She is the Director of RAW:natural born artist in Boulder, CO and a big supporter of the underground art scene. If it was up to her, Giulia would spend the rest of her life on a yoga mat while having intellectual conversations about human rights and where to get the best tasting local food in Denver.

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