Neon stilettos are the perfect compliment for a casual outfit.

Neon stilettos are the perfect compliment for a casual outfit.

Forget the platform, classic stilettos are back. No woman really needs a platform on which to stand to be beautiful (yes, I am talking about more than a shoe.) Not to bash the platform pump, because they still have a place in fashion.  But next time, try relying on an old classic. Unless you really want to challenge the Yves Saint Laurents and Coco Chanels of the world.

History and fashion have long gone hand-in-hand. And throughout the decades as the modern woman emerged, designers never abandoned the classic stiletto. Pantsuits and styles perceived as “men’s wear” were a visual representation of the evolution of the role of women. But the classic, pointed-toe, spike heel also made a point, “I am woman, hear me roar.” Women have an uncanny ability to adapt, but not forsake their femininity.

This weekend, at New York Fashion Week, I can guarantee that you will be seeing a lot of this style.

From the runway to the street, women will be donning these sleek and sexy spikes.

The best part is that they can be worn with just about anything. With classic style you will never look like you are trying to hard. Need a feminine touch to a pair of ripped jeans? Stilettos. Need a fierce compliment to a cocktail dress? Stilettos.

 Chill-out Saturday:

There is one outfit that suits just about every woman in the world—jeans and a white t-shirt. And it is perfect for just kicking around. But for those of us who love to look stylish all the time, add a stiletto. That’s right—your casual Saturday outfit now includes a pair of spike heals. Have fun with it—colorful, printed, geometric. You have a white t-shirt and ripped jeans on, you’d be pretty hard pressed to pick something that doesn’t match. Oh and should I mention that you just completely changed the entire way you carry yourself? All you had to do was add a spike to your favorite casual clothing.

The new power-suit.

The new power-suit.

 Business Lunch:

Meeting a client for lunch does not mean that you have to look 100% business. Actually, you will likely make much more of an impact if you look the part with a serious dose of style-induced confidence. The modern pantsuit has seen better days so don’t rely on it. Instead, bust out a pair of dark and dressy skinny jeans, add a silk blouse, and a leather moto-jacket or blazer. Oh, and most importantly, stilettos. This simple look lets your client know that you are literally ready for anything—from a stroll down a catwalk to the best marketing pitch of your life.

Grand Opening:

Your favorite gallery is featuring an artist friend of yours, or your man-friend has to attend a business awards ceremony? One word: stilettos. This is one of those events that bridges the gap between business and social, so you have to adapt. Throw on your leather skinnies and a blouse—simple but elegant. Then dress it up with a great pair of heels. When your mom told you that shoes make or break an outfit, she was totally right. Elegant pumps with an edgy flair are the perfect way to bridge the gap between business and social and require nothing more than a simple outfit to make it all work.

Business meets social thanks to Valentino stilettos.

Business meets social thanks to Valentino stilettos.

Black-tie Event:

This year, instead of throwing on your skyscraper platforms with a sexy cocktail dress, go with the throwback. You will still make a statement, but achieve and elegant and delicate look in the process. Not to mention, platforms add height but not in the same way that classic stilettos do. A platform decreases the angle at which your foot fits in the shoe. However, that means that your leg looks different than it does in a regular heel. What I am trying to say is, you calves look ten times better in a classic stiletto. And what better compliments a gorgeous dress than a pair of sexy legs? So say hello to your new best friends—they won’t forsake you.

The Point (pun, absolutely): 

Rachel Zoe was dead-on when she said that, “fashion is a great way to express yourself without saying a word.” And these throwback pumps are the perfect way to express yourself without having to change a single article of clothing.


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Christian Louboutin's "Lucifer" stilettos are perfect for a dressy occasion.

Christian Louboutin’s “Lucifer” stilettos are perfect for a dressy occasion.