Peculinarian: Epernay Lounge Brings an Upscale Modern Twist to Denver

Opening next month is Denver’s newest dining experience, Epernay. Located on 14th street near the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Epernay is a sexy and inventive addition to Denver. The Foodie world has been buzzing with excitement for the return of top chef, Duy Pham, and the personal menu he created for this new elegant space. “The concept came about from my love of Champagne, good food, and entertainment,” states Jay Chadrom, one of the creators of the leading-edge restaurant, which will be upscale and contemporary. Whether this is the first time you’ve heard the name, or whether your mind has been whirring with musings of Epernay for months, here is the full story on the food, the space, and the people behind this up-and-coming restaurant.

So, what is Epernay?

Epernay is delicious.

Japanese in technique and modern American in flavor, Epernay will have a copious variety of fish and a raw bar where oysters and clams on the half-shell will be aplenty. Fruit, cheese and chocolate will also be immensely popular at Epernay. “Our chef, Duy Pham, is highly motivated to create cutting-edge dishes that are unique, but friendly to the taste buds. Every dining experience at Epernay will be a memorable one,” claims Chadrom, who has worked in the restaurant and club industry for years. 60 percent of the Epernay menu will be raw, and the other 40 percent will be cooked using the sous vide method. Get ready for tasty treats such as Vanilla Butter Poached Lobster Tail and Tea Smoked Duck Breast, as well as more modern takes on traditional sushi dishes. Caviar and Champagne will also be available on the menu for those who want to experience a more luxurious night on the town. Happy Hour will be offered for those looking to let their hair down after a long day of work, along with a late-night menu in the lounge area on Friday and Saturday nights for those looking for a bite after taking in a show.

Epernay is innovative gastronomic art.

To fully understand the Epernay concept, you have to become familiar with the sous vide method of cooking. Sous vide, first practiced in France in the 1970’s, is the process of placing food in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, and then cooking it in a water bath for long periods of time at a regulated temperature. The temperature used to cook food in the sous vide method is lower than usually used in cooking. The point of sous vide is to hold in the natural juices and aromas of the food that could otherwise be lost in traditional cooking methods.  There will be no fried or grilled foods at Epernay; only healthy, groundbreaking dishes created by celebrated chef, Duy Pham.

Epernay is upscale contemporary.

Angelic white booths line the lounge of Epernay, giving it a classy, upscale atmosphere. Epernay lounge now boasts the largest selection of Champagne in Denver (I know, I am excited, too). In fact, Epernay gets its name from the largest Champagne producing region in France, so I would expect nothing short of a vast Champagne Heaven to be awaiting guests in the posh lounge area. Not a fan of the bubbly? An abundant Sake menu is there for those with different tastes, as well as signature cocktails sure to become your new desired staples. An open kitchen can be seen from the low-lit dining room which comfortably seats up to 65, and the contemporary, multifaceted environment makes the perfect spot for a wild night out or an intimate first date.

Epernay is a revolution in restaurants.

Its cutting-edge culinary approach combined with its ultramodern décor has created Denver’s most talked about restaurant launch in years. Flowing Champagne, sous vide style cuisine, and an elegant attitude come together to create the hottest new lounge in Denver.

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