Photo provided courtesy of Vice

 You may recall an article  from last October covering Corbin Clay, a seasoned Denver craftsman vying for your votes in GQ and Ketel One “A Gentleman’s Call” competition.  The tally’s in and this local artisan beat out more than 12,000 contest entrants along with four other semi finalists, receiving $100,000 to invest in his own wood working line.  Corbin transforms beetle kill pine from deadwood destroyed by the troublesome mountain pine beetle (MPB) into quality long lasting design concepts for your furniture needs.  The MPB has decimated thousands upon thousands of acres of pine trees throughout the Rocky Mountains, much of the wood wasted and unused.  Corbin and his design startup, Azure Furniture, will be featured in the February issue of GQ.  Congrats to Corbin Clay, Colorado and 303 Magazine applauds your benevolent craft.