Fashion in the wintertime can be difficult.  Looking stylish often forsakes warmth and vice versa.  We have all seen “that” girl—walking down the street looking absolutely fabulous, but you can tell she’s freezing.  And I hold nothing against her.  We have all been “that” girl—but not this year.  Fashion will no longer come at a cost…okay well it will still come at a “cost”, but not pneumonia.  This is your guide to looking great and staying warm this winter season.

From black ties, to cocktail parties, to football parties with your friends, there are three key styles to get you through this cold season.  And with the right shoes, a scarf, and maybe some cute driving gloves, even a blizzard won’t slow down your socialite schedule.

The Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

The red leather makes for a great accent piece

Leather is known for being warm, but in a motorcycle-cut, it is flat out hot.  Runways across the world sported this trendy but chic jacket months ago when designers first launched their Winter 2012 collections.  So if you do not have one, I suggest getting one.  With its incredible versatility this jacket will be worth the buy.

Perfect with anything from jeans, to skirts, to leather pants or a cocktail dress, this jacket only needs a little bit of attitude to work.  Many women flee the idea of the “motorcycle” jacket because it is too tough or edgy.  But it is all in the way you wear it.

Who said being a bit edgy is a bad thing?  You do not have to be Kate Moss to make this work.

The ideal outfit:  Headed out after work for casual cocktails?  Throw on some dark skinny jeans, a feminine top, and your black moto-jacket.  And every good outfit needs a good pair of shoes—so try a funky, low-cut, western-style, boot with embellishments.  My personal favorite for the season is the “Mezcal Strapped” boot by Freebird by Steven.  Low boots are a great way to cap off this semi-causal, feminine look while maintaining your sense of style and some body heat.

 The Fur Vest:

Mother knows best.  Whether it was your mother or your grandmother, I would be hard pressed to imagine that they didn’t own at least one fur coat.  These women before us got many things right, and fur was one of them.  Fur is unbelievably warm and almost impermeable to wind—and it is probably the most classic “diva” look.  So this year, get ready to rock the fur with a new-wave style—a vest.

The dark dress with the light vest is the perfect combination

A fur vest (preferably with a high collar) will keep the body heat in and the fashion alive.  Wear it Christmas shopping with jeans or on a date with you man.  And as we all run from the fear of being exactly like our mothers, the vest-style is different enough that it will spare you that worry…not that we don’t love you, mom.

The ideal outfit: New Years Eve Party? Obviously! The only thing that will look better than your cocktail dress is your cocktail dress with a fur vest.  Throw on some black tights for extra warmth and a pair of dressy, high-healed, boots.  Haven’t purchased your new best friends? Try Jimmy Choo’s “Dylan” Biker Mid Boot.  There is nothing about these boots that is not fabulous enough for your dress or your vest.

 The Waxed-Coat:

Headed to a friend’s house to watch the football game this weekend?  Enjoy the opportunity to be stylish, but casual.  We all know how much time we spend getting dolled-up during the holidays.  You can still have fun doing your hair and make-up, but cut yourself a break.  It’s football—so enjoy the sporty ambiance of beer, friends, and men yelling at the television.  For this occasion, a Barbour will be your best friend.

Even Kate Middleton wears a Barbour and Hunters

These classic jackets are waxed to provide wind resistance and water resistance.  Plus, with a corduroy or flannel lining, they’ll keep you warm.  And true classics never die.  This jacket is a perfect throw-on piece when you are running to work or running errands.  Every girl needs a “cheat” jacket—one that can be justified in almost any situation.

The Ideal Outfit: Try one of their original styles in an army green.  Add a striped, long-sleeve, t-shirt and some skinny jeans.  To complete the look, add Hunter boots with a fleece or wool lining and you will be prepped for anything—even for when the boys go outside to throw a football during half-time.  Can’t throw a perfect spiral? Not to worry, at least you weren’t one of the girls stuck inside in high-heals.  (And the best part—you looked adorable while you tried!)

I have spent the vast majority of my life freezing cold.  Time and time again I have sacrificed warmth for fashion.  And every time I have sacrificed fashion for warmth, I have regretted it—I mean I was far less miserable, but I definitely didn’t feel good about my clothing.  It has always seemed like a no-win situation.  But not any more—after years of trial and error, I share this list of “Winter Necessities” with you.  So to all my fellow ladies, I hope you look DAMN HOT this winter season…and by that, I totally mean warm AND sexy!

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