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Photo Courtesy of The Stasko Agency

“Whether you’re a dollar hugger, a tree hugger or a health hugger, LEED buildings have something for you,” Kelsey Young tells me as we stand catching our breath from the fourth-floor climb up to the 2020 Lawrence model apartment – sporting pink hardhats and all.

Young, a leasing and marketing professional for the “evolved” apartment community, points out the flat’s eco-friendly details: quartz countertops, ENERGY STAR stainless steel appliances, Forest Stewardship Council-approved cabinets – and this is without stepping foot outside of the kitchen.

Zocalo Community Development broke ground in Denver’s thriving Ballpark Neighborhood 14 months ago for its 10-floor 2020 Lawrence project – a downtown rental venture sure to please the eco-conscious, community-oriented resident.

Pre-leasing today for its first phase of move-ins set to take place later this month, and a second in the works as soon as February, the 12 distinct floor plans are selling like organic hotcakes.

Zocalo has tapped into Denverites’ taste for the environmentally-friendly yet without sacrificing smart design and modern tastes.

“When you think of LEED, you think of healthy; when you think of healthy, you think of active; and Denver is such an active city,” Young said.

Cultivate your green habits and turn actions into a lifestyle at 2020 Lawrence.

775 Square Feet of all-around sustainable living
Photo Courtesy of 2020 Lawrence


Whether you are a single, young professional or an eco-chic family instilling the value of sustainability in the next generation, 2020 Lawrence has something for you.

The community proffers studios and one- to two-bedroom apartments.

Jewel, the studio, at 475 square feet rents for $1,215 per month, while the largest space, the Blue Mesa at 1,152 square feet, goes for $2,435 a month, not to mention 10 other floor plans in between to best suit your needs.

Each unit boasts a loft-like atmosphere, walk-in closets (apart from two plans) and in-unit washers and dryers.


From start to finish and from biodegradable, vinylwood-like flooring to exposed concrete ceiling, 2020 Lawrence has ticked every green box imaginable, and then some.

“LEED is one of the top reasons people are leasing,” Young said.

Let the sunshine in, but beat the heat with low-e windows
Photo Courtesy of 2020 Lawrence

LEED is a program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to bestow third-party recognition for a building project’s sound, green features.

2020 Lawrence is presently LEED-Gold registered (third tier out of four) and on the path to the Emerald City of certification for the following features:

  • High-efficiency lighting
  • High-performance water fixtures
  • Recycling chutes on every floor
  • In-house composting program
  • Low-e windows
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • High-performance HVAC system

This arbitrary list of terms might not mean much on paper, but the translation to numbers sure does:

Can you say that your bathroom cabinets have the Forest Stewardship Council stamp of approval?
Photo Courtesy of 2020 Lawrence

100 PERCENT – environment that is smoke-free

99 PERCENT – hot water boiler efficiency

85 PERCENT – construction waste recycled

50 PERCENT – amount residents will save on utilities

34 PERCENT – water saved

10 PERCENT  power solar panels will supply


2020 Lawrence 24-hour amenities not only appeal to individual pleasantries, they foster a cooperative spirit:

  • Community kitchen
  • Community living room with fireplace
  • Community workspace
  • Gaming area
  • Rooftop health center
  • Rooftop community kitchen, fire pit and grill
  • Rooftop lounge, sun deck and hot tub
  • Barks & Rec fenced-in area for pets
  • Velo Room full-service bike repair shop

For singleton 20- to 30-somethings, opportunities to meet new faces can be few and far between, but with 2020’s Taco Tuesday’s, group cooking lessons and other semi-monthly community activities, your rental becomes your home.

“When you know your neighbors, you care more about the building,” Young said. “You want to come home.”

Do your a.m. yoga tree pose on the fresh-air rooftop terrace overlooking a picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains, mingle with your neighbors as you let your dog roam the Barks & Rec turf or bring neighbors and friends together for a Wii dance battle in the gaming area.

Barks & Rec – a rooftop pet oasis in the making
Photo Courtesy of 2020 Lawrence

“We’re not just pet-friendly, we’re pet-accommodating.” – Kelsey Young, 2020 Lawrence

2020 Lawrence is also cyclist friendly offering bicycle parking, bike locks and bike walks accompanying each climate-controlled, indoor parking space.


Cityscape and the Rockies, a view not to be beat!
Photo Courtesy of 2020 Lawrence

At 2020 Lawrence, residents are a stone’s throw away from the Old Spaghetti Factory (and 20+ other restaurants in a two-block radius), The Tattered Cover bookstore and Paramount Theater, not to mention they are only a .3-mile walk away from Coors Field.

Be in the center of it all – dining, shopping and entertainment – at the intersection of 20th Street and Lawrence, or as 2020 likes to say, “The intersection of sustainability and attainability.”

For more information call 303-820-2020 or visit to schedule a tour. While under construction, tours by appointment only.