A new kind of chocolate shop is open on Larimer Square.

I’m always on the hunt for easy holiday gifts. Whether it be for Christmas or just for a hostess gift, I like to have a little something for people to show my appreciation. After all, I should give them something if they’re going to put me up and give me lots of booze. This is where Choclatier Blue comes in, an easy all-purpose gift that’s going to raise some eyebrows. Yes, it’s chocolate, and almost everybody likes chocolate, right? But you’ve never seen chocolates like this. Each one is hand made, beautifully shaped and individually colored. They start by making the shell and airbrushing it with sugar coloring to give it a shiny, almost lacquered appearance. Filling is piped into the shell by hand, and then it’s sealed with more chocolate on the bottom.

Chris Blue is the founder and head chocolatemeister at Choclatier Blue, and he uses only Italian Domori chocolate (some of the best in the world). They also sell Domori in bars, if you want to try it in unadulterated form. The butter is no ordinary butter. Chris uses Five-Star organic butter from California, butter with the highest butter-fat content of any butter in the world. These little chocolates are really luxury items, with Chris carefully selecting everything down to the farm that produces his hazelnuts. Chris’s fiance, Jessica Steeve, is the artist behind the unique look of Choclatier Blue. It’s all worth it, because the product is simply amazing.

Chris enjoys making interesting combinations, like grapefruit with rosemary. This little caramel is sweet and almost tangy, with a hint of rosemary to balance it out. Try the root beer float chocolate for a taste of spicy, earthy root beer and vanilla. Or go with something more classic like hazelnut or pistachio. Chris also has seasonal offerings, like candy cane, pumpkin, apple cider, spiked eggnog (my fav) and gingerbread. Each one has an eye-catching appearance and bright, unique flavors. You can’t find this stuff in the mall. So next time you’re window shopping on Larimer Square, stop in a pick up something delicious for someone you love.