“Knock, knock!”

StyleSOURCE and 303 teamed up again this week as we sent New York correspondent, Katherine Harwood, to check out some of the latest fashions from the upcoming Spring season. Read below for Katherine’s take on everything she loved at the exclusive press preview ….

Spring forward to pretty pieces & rich colors. The Spring trends for 2013 unveil eye-catching statement pieces like long Grecian inspired dresses, rich prints (some from recycled designer fabrics) and deeper colors.

Tada!!! The Showroom.

“Forget the typical cliché fashions for Spring like flower prints and sundresses made in various Easter egg colors.”

Designers like DePloy demi-couture, Mien Kielo, Francoise Elizee, For Helen Love Paris, Fig & Bella and PONO by Joan Goodman showcased their upcoming spring lines in NYC this week.

They all seem to have similar concepts for what we should be wearing this spring—beautifully made pieces that are versatile, flattering and comfortable to wear.

DePloy demi-couture (www.deployworkshop.com), a British designer and demi-couture womenswear line offers lady-like pieces for the everyday working woman, including dresses that can be unbuttoned into a crop top and skirt. Each piece is thoughtfully made with elegant hems and feminine touches like satin pieces and sashes on wrap dresses. Sexier pieces offer pencil-length skirts that are hemmed shorter in the back, and finished with a zipper from the top to bottom.

The women who love wearing dresses in spring will thank Mien Kielo (www.mienkielo.com) for their beautiful garments. This was the first season for the New York based brand, and was founded by two lifelong friends. The materials flow with the body, rather than tightly hug it. Blouses are adorned with tiny gold buttons, and skirts are made of hand-worked details in rich hues and dreamy patterns.

The most interesting pieces by For Helen Love Paris (www.forhelenloveparis.com) are the scarf tops made of recycled designer clothing. The one-of-a-kind pieces have the concept of the “female goddess.” The silky materials come in various patterns like swirls, dots and different abstract shapes. These clothes are made for sustainability and can be worn slouchy, dressed-up or casual.

PONO by Joan Goodman

Have an interest in exotic materials like crocodile, python, lizard or even ostrich? Francoise Elizee (www.francoiseelizee.com) makes incredible handbags and belts in vibrant colors including oxblood (the color of the season) that serve as true standout pieces to any ensemble.

Fig & Bella (www.figandbella.com) showcased their standout scarves in possibly every color of the rainbow, and also make cashmere scarves. Sensational splatters, tie-dyes and simple solids characterize the collection and allow for easy accessorizing for any ensemble.

Jewelry line PONO by Joan Goodman (www.ponobyjoangoodman.com) showcased bangles, cuffs and necklaces in some of the most interesting “ombre-esque” like colorways. The line offers pretty pieces in solid colors; as well as those that fade from mocha to light pink, amber to navy blue or silver to gold – elegantly and effortlessly—almost like works of art.

The previewed designers by no means collaborated on their spring collections, yet it is definitely apparent that the trends across the board point to rich deep hues rather than softer ones and standout statements on both ready-to-wear and accessory fronts. This spring’s collective message says “no need to wear the typical soft spring colors, but rather rock the bright and bolds that grab the eye and bring out your inner goddess.



Acknowledgements: Reggo of New York Photography