Peculinarian: The Corner Office Continues to Give

The Corner Office keeps on giving with their new theater dinner special inspired by the play, The Giver, now playing at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The Corner Office takes full advantage of being located right across the street from the Performing Arts venue by creating original menus each month based off the new plays coming through Denver. This Theatre Dining Series kept with the Thanksgiving theme of November with, The Giver, ending November 18. As a kid, The Giver, was one of my favorite books and I am pretty sure I read it about 8 times (ok, slight exaggeration. It was more like 7). When I heard that one of my favorite restaurants would be creating a menu based off one of my favorite childhood books, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to try it out.

I have to start with the décor.

When talking about The Corner Office, the first aspect you have to  describe to people is the atmosphere. Modern yet retro, sophisticated yet sexy, classic yet trendy, The Corner Office is a contradiction of the best kind. It combines a nostalgic Mad Men-esque martini bar with the contemporary style of a downtown loft, equipped with an intimate lounge area and a lengthy and classy bar. If you are looking for a little funky to break up your weekdays (and who isn’t?), The Corner Office is a must.

Now, The Giver menu.

The Giver theater dinner special consists of three courses, and instead of describing the deliciousness of each option given, I will list each and then describe my absolute favorite. For appetizers, choose from:

  • Butternut squash soup
  • Grilled fig and apple crudo salad.

Made with toasted coconut and Macintosh apple, the butternut squash soup is a seasonal favorite and all the warmth you need to take away the bite of the winter cold. The Corner Office’s butternut squash soup is savory, smooth and leaves a tingle on your tongue long after you’ve finished it.

Off to the main course which includes:

  • Grilled Kurobuta pork chop
  • Cedar plank salmon
  • Crisp potato wontons.

My favorite was the grilled Kurobuta pork chop, marinated in a hard cider reduction and served with Fontina and Caraway Au Gratin and Applewood bacon slaw. From the first bite of this juicy pork chop, you will be wishing this meal never had to end. All the pieces of this entrée come together perfectly, from the mouth-watering Applewood bacon slaw made with hunks of hearty bacon to the cheesy and soul-melting au gratin. The tender pork chop smothered in hard cider reduction has a lavishly sweet and robust flavor. The dessert on The Giver menu consists of warm apple cobbler served with impeccable cinnamon ice cream. Wash it all down with The Riddling Fig martini served ice cold and reminiscent of herbal tea mixed with honey and lemon. You can definitely taste the nectarous fig in this Autumn drink.

My troth for the Corner Office never waivers. Exceptional food, a fun and flirty atmosphere and a love of the arts makes this downtown restaurant a Denver staple. Make sure you hurry and catch The Giver at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and then continue the magic with The Corner Office’s new dining series special, available until November 18, and keep an eye out for their December specials inspired by A White Christmas.

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