If I had a dollar for every type of magical weight loss plan on the market, I could retire. The number of dieting articles, books, and programs available today is simply overwhelming. Billboards, television commercials, television shows, colleagues, friends, family…it never ends. Today’s society is constantly bombarded with dieting tools and tips they never wanted. And sadly, much of the material thrown at our faces is false and inaccurate. Many diet fads are unhealthy and downright unsafe. I am sure everyone knows at least one person who has been so serious about a diet that exercising multiple times a day and eating nearly nothing were the daily routine.

While searching for interesting new podcasts the other day, I happened upon one entitled, “The Smarter Science of Slim.” After listening to the first thirty-minute podcast, I was hooked. Jonathan Bailor, the author and creator of the book, “The Smarter Science of Slim,” discusses the science behind staying fit and losing weight in a safe and healthy way


The podcast is a nice summary of his book, The Smarter Science of Slim. Whether listening to the podcast or reading the book, Bailor does an excellent job introducing the three major myths we tend to believe about weight loss. Firstly, calories in equals calories out, second, a calorie is a calorie, and finally, calories are all that matter. He does an immaculate job explaining the science behind these myths in an easy to read and interesting manner. He then takes a smooth transition and provides an exceptional amount of data to back up why these myths are truly myths, and more importantly, what we need to do as a society to fix our way of thinking and turn our minds around.

I must admit, when Bailor began to discuss his theory, I was highly skeptical. His whole book and method of eating healthy and staying thin, is backed by the premise of “eating more, and exercising less.” This is an idea or theory unlike any I had ever heard!

I studied science and pharmacy in school, so I am very familiar with reading and analyzing journal articles and studies. I am fascinated by them and enjoy the critiquing process. Jonathan does an excellent job citing his sources (which is slightly odd…I have never seen that in a diet book before…have you?). I located the studies easily, and read literally every article he cited. And honestly, the data he sites is spot on. The conclusion he pulls from this material is 100% accurate. Furthermore, he has done all this research and work over the past 10 to 15 years. So, what took him 10-15 years to discover, takes you minutes to listen to on podcast or maybe a day or two to read in his fascinating book.

This theory is an entirely new take on eating healthy and staying fit. For once, you can eat more food and exercise less. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. However, don’t expect to eat more fries and run less. This is a book about eating the foods your body needs to function properly and optimally. Eating more fruit, vegetables, and lean meats. Eating less starch and empty carbohydrates that do nothing for your body and simply make you hungrier later and less full now. This theory is about exercising more efficiently, using eccentric exercises…meaning only exercising 15-30 minutes per week. The exercise is grueling. It is exhausting and challenging both mentally and physically.

Clearly, this idea of eating more and exercising less are two new topics hardly anyone has ever considered. For people who have limited amount of time and are not able to exercise everyday for an hour or so, this is a much more feasible option. It is not difficult to find 30 minutes once a week to exercise, and who doesn’t want to eat more and more often? Just realize this type of lifestyle, although seemingly simple, will take some drastic changes in a person’s life. For some people, it will seem impossible to give up starches such as potatoes, corn, and wheat. But, since I am gluten free, it was easy to eliminate most of the bad foods Bailor recommends to rid from the diet. Within one week, I felt better, had more energy, and noticed a healthier glow to my skin.

I think for most people, giving up wheat will be the most difficult part of this diet, as it is in so many products throughout our country. However, it is important to always keep in mind why a person is participating in this particular way of life. This type of exercise and these types of foods Bailor touts are recognized by the human body. They allow the body to function at an optimal level.

I highly recommend reading this book, or at least listening to the podcasts. It is a whole new way of thinking, and anyone who has ever considered dieting or merely eating and living a healthier lifestyle will benefit from this new knowledge Jonathan Bailor brings to light.



Mary is a freelance blogger helping you find the best tasting and affordable gluten free eats throughout the 303.     Originally from Colorado, Mary has been gluten free for the past 8 years and is on a permanent quest to discover the best gluten free products around. Follow her blog for local Colorado restaurant and product reviews. Also check out her website at happilyglutenfree.com for even more helpful insight into everyday gluten free living.


Featured image courtesy of The Smarter Science of Slim.