For those of us who love a winter wonderland, the temperatures are dropping and the snow is bound to fall by Christmas. But why not make this winter a little different by going somewhere promised to have high heat with no winter coats in sight?

Grab your sunscreen and a map, because it’s time to explore one of the warmest winter destinations: Orlando, Florida.


Whether you have kids, or you’re a kid at heart, Orlando is filled with world-famous attractions from Walt Disney World and SeaWorld to Cape Canaveral – the Kennedy Space Center. Instead of not having options, Orlando might even have too many options. But here’s a list of the most important things to see and places to stay.


  • Whether this is your first time traveling to Orlando or it’s your favorite travel destinations, there are a few places that are practically required to go to during your stay. Walt Disney World, the most famous theme park in the world, is open year round with rides that take you through magical surroundings. Test your screaming abilities on Splash Mountain – a log ride that plunges you 52 feet forward into a pool of chilly, yet refreshing water. You can even visit Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends during the Pirates of the Caribbean adventure—one of the most line-waiting-worthy rides of all time.
  • SeaWorld is also a go-to attraction in Orlando. You’re never too old to touch living starfish or cheer on killer whales as they soar out of the water and splash you with their giant tales. SeaWorld also offers exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences like the Beluga Interaction Program, Dolphins Up-Close Tour, or a general Behind-the-Scenes Tour, where you get to touch a shark, explore a hidden polar bear cave, and meet a penguin. SeaWorld also has five unique restaurants where you’re sure to find something tasty on the menu—including seafood. Would you like a little splash with your meal? There’s even a restaurant that is steps and a see-through pool away from Shamu.

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  • Just about 30-45 minutes from Orlando, you’ll find several airboat rides that take you on a water adventure through gator country. Journey through a swamp and meet some of Florida’s wildlife up close and personal with a guide that will be sure to give you a tour you’ll never forget. But remember, keep your hands in the boat, or you might leave with less fingers than you came with.


  • Most of the theme parks have resort lodging, so planning your winter vacation is easy. You can sleep, eat, and explore within minutes from every theme park, ensuring that your time is spent having fun instead of worrying about travel time or getting lost.

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  • If your visit revolves around Disney World and the Animal Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom Villas – specifically the Kidani Village – is definitely where you should stay. Forget the rides that take you through a faux African jungle—the Kidani Village brings you the real thing. With over 30 species of live animals with free-reign of the 21-acre property, you will forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. Get to know some of the most beautiful exotic animals from all areas of the resort, even from some of the guest room balconies.The guest rooms range from studio-sized to a three-bedroom grand villa. Some of the villas even have a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and flat-panel TVs in every room, however, who needs television when you have a giraffe peeking through your window?

Seeking an adventure and temperatures in the 70s? Book your worry-free vacation in Orlando now. And if you’re traveling from afar and want a trusty travel guide company that will find you the best deals, Florida 4 Less will get you anywhere you want to go in Florida, and will help you add on the best attractions for a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.


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