Wednesday Exposure: Fire Dances

Photo by Peter Strand. Courtesy of Ballet Ariel.
Photo by Peter Strand. Courtesy of Ballet Ariel.
Care to visit a time of myth and legend? Recognized stories such as the ancient phoenix that rose from the ashes and was reborn in fire are part of the line-up in the upcoming one-day show performed by Ballet Ariel.

Audience members will experience a time of myth and legend in their upcoming performance entitled “Fire Dances” this Saturday, October 13 at the Parker Arts, Culture & Events (PACE) center.

Mythical legends spring to life via the artistic talent of the Ballet Ariel dancers. The performance will also incorporate the story of the Hawaiian volcano goddess, “Pele” and the first Native American fire setter.

Contemporary dance along with a little humor will also be incorporated into the show with ‘The Chase’. This piece is a re-creation and comical twist on the silent movie era and the works of Charlie Chaplin.

Artistic Director, Ilena Norton adds,

“This exciting program is meant to be enjoyed by everyone.”

Photo by Peter Strand. Courtesy of Ballet Ariel.

Humor, myth, classical and contemporary dance will all be presented and fused into the crowd-pleasing production. Two separate show times will be offered for the event. Tickets for the 2 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. showing and more information can also be found at

For more information on Ballet Ariel, you may visit

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