Thurs 10/11 on MTV’s Made (img: Jeff Navarro)

Go-go dancers are like motivational coaches for the dance floor. Even before the majority of inhibitions are lubricated away by booze, go-gos are already going to town on boxes adjacent to the DJ booth. Go-Go Soapbox is a blog designed to highlight individual dancers in different cities. DJs may get paid hundreds or even thousands more, but go-go dancers have become instrumental to electronic music performance. This Thursday October 11, MTV premieres an episode of its show Made that features an aspiring go-go dancer from Portland. Onetime Mile High clubber/current New Yorker Katie Kansas was chosen as the aforementioned wannabe’s “Made Coach.” Portions were filmed at Red Rocks during Global Dance Festival 2012 and feature co-founder/resident DJ Ecotek and Performing Arts Director Ms Easy. Local costumer/jumping stilt performer Nate the Average also appears.

Stage alias?
Katie Kansas.

Earliest dance-related memory?
I was three and danced in The Nutcracker in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Booty camp? Supplementary skills?

Started ballet at age three. Tap and Jazz to follow shortly after. Competitive gymnast from age seven to 17. Choreographing routines of all kinds since age 14. Sometimes I like to play with fire.

Extraordinary assets?
Creating unique performance costumes for over 12 years. Long legs, a nice bum and the infamous hair whip!

Most titillating outfits?
Anything that is backless is so very sexy! Most exciting was being a Cyber Angel for EDC Las Vegas 2012.

EDC 2012 Cyber Angel (img: Jean Renard)

Diamond studs in my ears.

Good looking men, jet-setting and NYC.

Lubrication of choice?
Vodka Soda, Don Julio 1942 & anything with basil.

Finest knob twiddlers IYHO?
Manufactured Superstars and Kaskade.

Schoolgirl or day job?
I play dress-up for a living.

Best way to stay abreast of upcoming gigs—go-go and otherwise?

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