There is one night—before each girl gets married and officially becomes a woman—when she gets to spend one last time bonding with her mom. Some ladies choose to spend this night with not only their mothers, but also with their entire bridal party, spending precious moments with all the females in their life, before they are “handed” over to their husband. Having gone through this experience recently, I was inspired.

The best way to miss your man is to be separated from him for a night. But, the best person to substitute that time with is your mom, your girlfriends, or anyone who impacts your life in a positive way. The excitement and adrenaline the night before your big day simply overflows your senses, and who better to experience that with you than the people who are genuinely happy for you and the adventure you’re about to embark on? There is something about the title of “wife”—it automatically brings with it a sense of adulthood, of maturity and responsibility, no matter how old you are when you get hitched. So, I spent the night before my wedding reminiscing about my childhood, laughing about the escapades that led me to this point and taking in every moment of being “a kid” one last time.

Now, this isn’t to say that all signs of childhood end once you take on the new role. You’re still your parents’ child; you’re still a friend, still a grandkid. Your roles keep expanding, but the new titles only add more to the plate, so taking each moment and really living it to the fullest makes all the difference. Most of us have already moved out of mom’s house by the time wedding bells ring, so being able to travel back to that time (granted, only for one night, as most of us cannot imagine moving back in with the ‘rents permanently) can be bittersweet, especially once realization hits: this is the last time you get to sleep in your old bed, get to chatter away with your mom and/or girlfriends until the wee hours of the morning, get to enjoy a simple sleepover.

Some may think this tradition should die off, along with so many others that we hear about and shrug, following along only because either the family has requested it, or because we may just be too nervous to stray (I mean, what would people think?!) My advice? Don’t skip out. Traditions have stuck around for a reason, and this one is especially meaningful. After all, you get the rest of your life to spend with your hubby; let your mom (and yourself) have this day to feel like you’re still her little girl.


Vicky fills the shoes of local Carrie Bradshaw in CandiDates, a blog about her own quest to explore the intricacies of relationships. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, she has made Denver her home and playground. An editor and writer for 303 Magazine by day, Vicky spends her nights pursuing her passion of ballroom dance.