The Passport Profile: Vanessa Barcus, Goldyn

Patience.  It’s a virtue esteemed by many and mastered by few.  Meet one of our distinguished locals, the virtuous and equally polished Vanessa Barcus.  She waited carefully for the perfect place to house Denver’s novel clothing boutique, Goldyn.  Taking the leap from online curator at to LoHi brick and mortar specialist, Barcus has helped elevate Denver’s fashion scene in just over a year.  Her international web presence fuses with her natural charisma in-store, offering a refined, dynamic shopping experience for style sophisticates.

Why she’s fly:  With no true educational background in fashion or design, Barcus attains an exceptionally strong aesthetic, one that she’s very modest about.  “We try to be pretty low-key,” she says.  So low-key in fact, that she didn’t mind my nosy questions about her intriguing ink.  A feather quill tattoo on her forearm symbolizes her love for writing.  By the looks of Goldyn, I imagine she could take my job if she wanted to.

Favorite destinations, near and far:  Barcus loves grabbing a few friends and road tripping throughout the West, namely to Moab, Utah.  Trip notes echo within the store, as many jewelry pieces are raw and uninhibited.  Check out featured labels such as Kora and The Woods to get an idea of her style philosophy.  Her favorite spots in Europe would have to be Heidelberg, Germany and the quintessential Paris, France.  She mentions, “My family is from Germany.  I felt at home there.”

Suitcase essentials:  The carry on connoisseur recommends a versatile, jersey dress for women.  Layering is key for Barcus, who tends to pair her signature dress with jeans and flats one day and pumps the next.  “I always bring my go-to leather jacket,” she adds.

A travel tip:  As a New York Fashion Week regular, Barcus knows practicality.  “I like to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off through security.”  Also, a scarf serves as a chic and sanitary alternative to those mysterious airplane blankets.

Find her on the pages of Japanese Vogue or in person, hanging with her fluffy pup Zoe at the shop.  Out of all the cities she’s toured, she claims that Denver suits her lifestyle the best.  The city clearly agrees with her, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thanks, Vanessa.

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