Darcy’s been trapped in her kitchen for 12 years. Totally desirable.

I’m a firm believer that you should always do whatever you want. Don’t want to pay the bill on the date? Don’t. Want to have sex on the first date? Do it. Want to go skydiving with your boobs hanging out, so that you feel the atmosphere caress your beautiful appendages? Dive the shit out of that sky. Whatever you do, though, don’t you dare do it because you’re a girl.

Although you’d be hard pressed to find women in the modern age that think women should be suppressed into being housewives and mothers and slaves to men , you’d find them: they’re out there. The website is weird to navigate and is pretty vague at first, but everything’s there. The site calls to have women be biblical and chaste and good (in their views). These women (and probably men, too; the guy who “oversees” the site is a minister) are anti-feminists – a real thing, which is basically the opposite of feminists, except they have capital “g” God on their side. Regardless of whether you’re a believer or not, these ladies have a paradigm, and that paradigm affects you. Yeah, you.

Boxing matches are totally appropriate.

It goes like this. Feminists say you should do things because Men don’t want you to or not do them because Men do want you to. Anti-feminists say you should do things because a million-year-old book says you should, or because The Feminists said you shouldn’t. The problem is that both groups want you to do things because of the actions and paradigms of other people. Where does that leave you and me and everyone else who doesn’t follow the comings and goings of feminists and anti-feminists? It leaves us surrounded by women and girls who don’t think for themselves. It leaves us with girls and women who don’t just do whatever they want to do. They do what they do, because they’re women and damnit, a woman should act like a Real Woman as decreed by either feminists or bible thumpers.

I say to hell with it all. I pay for the date when it’s less expensive or when I don’t like the guy or when I just feel like doing a nice thing. I have sex when I want to, and I flash my boobs in the air when it’s appropriate. That’s what a lady is. A lady does whatever she wants because she’s a person and not a walking flyer for a cause.

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  1. Patricia Sommer

    Couldn't agree with you more Ana Garcia! "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." (Dr. Seuss) Just as long as you're saying it or doing it for YOU, not somebody's idea of who you should be – and that includes flashing your boobs.

  2. Melissa Turner

    I don't think you understand Feminism. No feminist is going to tell you to disagree with everything a man wants. Feminism is about the choice to do whatever you want, it sure sounds a lot like your opening line.

  3. Darrell Ross

    I thought your post was pro-feminism at first. I think you are confused about what feminism means. Oh and there are loads of people out here where I live who think women should remain home-makers, etc. Colorado might have a few nutters. Try living in the south.

  4. Justin Damn Reed

    I miss feminine females… I don't think there is anything wrong with being feminine! The world is masculine enough! Now women fight, spit, fuck, and curse the world away with men. Where is the balance? Don't get me wrong, as a single guy, I am totally into the sexual freedom that the women of today exhibit, as are most guys. Its great! I don't think guys will ever get married or stay married when it's this easy! We as a society have bashed the nurturing part of being a woman into the ground, to the point of, If you are a stay at home mom… society looks at you like your lazy, uneducated, and a down right gold digger. I feel bad for our kids who will grow up with out a balanced experience of gender. There is something that needs to said for the power behind the innocence of a woman, the kind of power that could change a generation of men's tendency towards aggression and violence through love, nurturing, respect and decency (femininity)…….. Ah Fuck it! what am I saying? I'm late for ladies night… lets party bitches!

    • Frank Salvatore Guerra

      There's nothing wrong with a chick who can kick ass in the ring. I, for one, think a lady with some muscle is pretty hot.


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