Photo by Chris Noel. Courtesy of EventGallery 910Arts.

If you ask Chris Noel, genetics and a shared generational passion for photography are where his creative abilities are rooted.  Noel’s exhibit, “El Viaje, A Photographer’s Journey” is a culmination of that love and talent which all meet in his travels abroad and are manifested in his dramatic show featured at EventGallery 910Arts in the Art District on Santa Fe.

Noel has been shooting professionally for ten years and grew up amongst two older generations who each had their own passions for photography.  With a father and two grandfathers passing on their guidance and hand-me-down old cameras as his toys, his appetite for snapping photos was cultivated. This bred a deep love and tranquility of being behind the lens since he can remember.  Looking back he reflects,

“…there is never a time in my life that I don’t remember shooting.”

Photo by Chris Noel. Courtesy of EventGallery 910Arts.

Travel, fueled by a love of architecture and adventure led the artist to Spain, Portugal, Scotland, England and across the United States. Throughout his journey, he captured historic landmarks such as the Alcazar of Seville and Edinburgh Castle.  The beauty alone from these well-recognized places is enough to pause you in your tracks, however Noel’s tendency towards dramatic flair in his work breathe life into color and black and white pieces and engage you.

Among Noel’s captures are a few American architectural landmarks as well from Denver, St. Louis and Philadelphia. However, the largest, standout, attention capturing piece for locals is sure to be his photo of our own cherished Coors Field.  The photo gives the perspective of being in the well known “rock pile,” looking in from the outfield.  The usage of high contrast levels gives no room for weak spots or scene stealing characteristics as the dueling grass and cloud-filled, lit-up sky create an overall awe inspiring piece.  Noel reflects back,

“I wanted to inspire fans by showing off everything our home field has to offer; dramatic sunsets, a beautiful city skyline, our stunning front-range, and the most amazing ball field in the nation where the view from the cheap seats looks better than the front row.”

Noel can’t hide his zealous hopes for the future,

Photo by Chris Noel. Courtesy of EventGallery 910Arts.

“I would really love to travel the country shooting baseball fields for the MLB, I have a lot of ideas for some of the stadiums across the country that I have never seen done before and it would be a great way to show my love for the game.”

Noel’s exhibit will be featured through September 14 and will be an essential must-see for the monthly First Friday Artwalk patrons on September 7 in the Art District on Santa Fe.  Visitors will also have a chance to meet the artist before the impressive show closes on September 14.  For more information visit