Mick Jagger, 1970s

When it comes to looking fantastic in any piece of clothing, whether it’s vintage or otherwise, the most important issue is fit. Swimming in your clothes, or having them cling tightly to all the wrong things, is never something you want in a garment. Fit is the difference between wearing your clothes and your clothes wearing you. It is also the difference between looking like a dapper gentleman and a dude who borrowed his dad’s suit.

How do you know if your pieces fit well? The men’s style experts over at Primer Magazine have it all laid out for you in the excellent articles “Principles of Fit: How Pants Should Fit” and “How a Shirt Should Fit“. Consider those articles a great starting point for understanding how to make sure your pieces fit you well.

Once you’ve got a sense of how things should fit, you can really venture into expanding your personal style and sourcing quality vintage pieces. One of the fantastic things about shopping for vintage clothing is that you can find classic pieces at incredible prices, leaving you with money left over to spend on tailoring items to fit your perfectly or for additional items such as shoes and accessories. It often helps to keep in mind that if you find a blazer or trousers that suit what you are looking for, you can always get them tailored. If you don’t already have a relationship with a great tailor, ask around for recommendations or look up reviews online.

After you find items you like on the vintage or thrift store clothing racks, don’t forget to check the jewelry cases and shoe racks– some of the best thrifty vintage gems are hiding there, and classic, vintage watches, loafers and boots never go out of style.

The pictures included in this post are intended to inspire you and give you a sense of just how stylish you can look in pieces from the past.  Looking at how Jimi and Mick played with color and how Paul Newman rocked clothes that fit him impeccably just might inspire you to source some vintage items of your own.

Still have questions about finding great, affordable vintage pieces that suit your style? Make an appointment to meet with me at Wishlist. I’ll be happy to help and offer suggestions.


Paul Newman, early 1960s


Steve McQueen, late 1960s

Jimi Hendrix, mid-late 1960s

Mick Jagger playing with color in the mid 1970s

A modern gentleman wearing a vintage handmade serape shirt, 2012. (via mistermort.com)


Vintage inspired style and fit, 2012 (via thesfstyle.com)

Excellent vintage-inspired fit and style, 2012 (via styledefinednyc.com)

Don't be afraid to go 70s. Classic 70s rock style, circa 2012 (via mrnewton.net)

Mos Def in impeccable vintage inspired style, 2012 (via streetetiquette.com)