Summer is officially here and with it comes the high temperatures and the inevitable sweat. More power to you if you prefer au natural for your makeup routine, but this product junkie keeps it one hundred. As in, I still wear just as much makeup in the summer as I do in the winter.

We have all been there at one point or another where we have beads of sweat dripping down our face leaving a nice line of makeup demarcation behind. Or how about those creases and wobbly lines that tend to form on our eyelids as the temperature turns up and our makeup turns off? To avoid the dreaded makeup meltdown and skip the Chernobyl effects of the heat, I have put together a list of product essentials to get you through the summer with makeup intact.

Let’s start with the basics. A good makeup primer will get you through anything: heat, sweat, tears and even a bad break-up. Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer is the perfect base for your canvas/face. Apply this before applying any product and it acts like velcro for your makeup. It stays put.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer found here:


Waterproof makeup will be your BFF during these high heat months and Make Up For Ever has just the right fit. Nice, smooth, colorful and won’t smear your reputation or your shadow. This shadow stick stays where applied and won’t leave your side.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow sticks found here:

The final and most refreshing step of makeup is a finishing spray. MAC Fix is a much-needed refreshment for your face. Infused with minerals and vitamins this calm-the-skin spray helps ‘set’ your makeup once finished. Give yourself a few spritzes and it keeps makeup in place. Pack it in your bag and spritz throughout the day for extra cooling relief.

MAC Fix can be found here:

Ladies take note, if you are heading to the amazingly epic 303 pool party, these items are a must. You’ll look good all day, in or out of the pool.