I’m so stoked when I get to offer free shit to people. And, this time, I get to offer a free week at The BodyLab with trainer Tyler Corbett. Read on to see how all this shiz came about.

When I first started my adventures in blogging about fitness and personal training, I thought I’d run out of subjects to discuss or tire of the subject. I tend to ask a lot of questions and have a hard time controlling the impulse to do so (I think this is a pretty common “issue” journalists have). I thought I would run out of themes, ideas, hurdles because I’d just rush through everything–ask all the questions and then have nothing left. But, the truth is, everything fitness related unfolds much slower than a person like me is accustomed to. And, everything is a process. I learn something, I fail at something, I figure something out. And, it all stems from my emotional state, my mental state–if you know me, you know it’s an ever-revolving door that will never stop moving. So, running out of new challenges, new epiphanies or new ideas will actually be near-impossible…Much like the questions.

I am currently maintaining my weight, going up and down a pound. It’s okay to know that I’m capable of maintaining. It’s alright to know that my body looks better, even if it isn’t lighter and it’s nice to know that I’ve stopped gaining weight. After quitting smoking, I was just gaining, gaining, gaining. With Mary and Matt’s help, I’ve been able to stop that shit. But, I’m pretty over maintaining. That little hottie in me wants out. She has to be unleashed. I am unhappy as I am. My only choice is to shrink.

So, I joined a soccer team that plays on Sundays (this is meant to counteract or discourage alcoholism and/or brunch on the weekends). I’m taking the drinking way down a level. And, I’m asking more questions. Because, I can’t always make the best decision/ I don’t always understand what the best decision is.

I sat down with Tyler Corbett–a hilarious, balls-to-the-wall, insanely passionate Lifestyle Engineer at the Laboratory.  He worked out at the Lab for more than three years prior to becoming one of their trainers–and he’s all certified, etc., like everyone there. He’s like, hot, tall and young, too. Mmmmhmmm. BodyLab is full of hot people (of all ages). Anyway, I sat down with Mr. Corbett and grilled him on some of my most burning questions. And then I thought, not only could we share the love of free shit to people, but we could share the love of being able to ask Tyler questions–in a public format.

So, here’s the deal. Tyler will answer three questions a week about fitness for all the world to see that I will include on my blogs. If you ask him a question, you’re automatically entered to win a free week at The BodyLab. This means seven days working with Mary on your nutrition, three workouts with Tyler and a Fitness Test/Body Fat analysis (it’s useful to know how in/out of shape you are). So, send your questions to [email protected] (include your name and phone number as well). Then, you will be entered to win and we will announce the first of at least two winners and the answers will be published in my blog next week.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler Corbett

In order to get the ball rolling, here is a little Q&A with Tyler.

Q: If I only have ten minutes for cardio, what is the best thing I can do?
A: You want to get your heart rate up ASAP, keep it up, with minimal rest. Start off with a light jog, then bust out into a sprint. Sprint as fast as you can for twenty seconds, then back down to a jog for ten seconds. Repeat for 8 minutes. Hop off the treadmill, bang out as many push-ups as you can do in one minute, and then go straight into a forearm plank for the last sixty seconds. You will have all parts of your body covered, and you will be exhausted.

Q: What should I eat when I am day drinking?
A: You wanna make sure you’re getting in your proteins. When you’re drinking, you spike your carbs and sugar. So, eat a bunch of grilled chicken breasts and veggies. Stay away from ranch dressing, chips and dip, etc. I carry emergency almonds. I always, always, always, have a bag of almonds. If you know you’re going to a Rockies game, eat a meal before, bring one that won’t go bad in the car that you can eat when you get back to it and eat almonds inside.

Q: What’s the most optimal time to eat desserts?
A: Never. If you’re going to eat them, make sure you have ample opportunity to stay active the rest of the day. So, if it’s a must, eat it after lunch.

Matt–on the Stink Bug Push Up: Yeah, get your hands dirty. You’ll be smelling the stink for the rest of the afternoon. People will be asking to smell your fingers all day….
Then he added: The stink bug push up is great for small spaces. I do mine in the shower.

Matt doing the stink bug push up--toes up, arms tucked, chin and knees touch the ground at the same time.

Tyler to Ryan (How many people relate, as coworkers, like this?): Hey, dude. Is your ass tore up or what?
Ryan’s response to Tyler: Oh, yeah. My ass is shredded. (They were talking about how they felt after their weekly legs work out. They do the same workouts as the rest of us.)

Matt: This towel has been used all day by other BodyLabbers. So, if you feel like you need to wipe the sweat, use this, okay?  (He pauses and waits for us to agree that we will use it.)

**Think you should all know, one of the exercises we are doing right now requires us to bump asses with our partner.

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