MB Fitness to B Fitness. The name has changed, but hardly the practice. B Fitness is the new moniker of an organization pushing the same concepts. Administrative changes seem to bring on the usual stresses associated with the unknown; much like what I hear is a similar emotion men feel prior to that oh so infamous (or notorious) of evaluations. As is the case with most of those outcomes, life has not changed much in this area either. The location is the same. I mean, I now have environmental educed PTSD as a result of knowing another euphorically painful workout is in store, and muscles that would have been described as dormant a month ago start to seize in anticipation. I suppose it is the gross motor example of a flinch, and I know that Adam is going to provide the “two for flinching” once I arrive. Back to the name change. The B Fitness is intended to produce a statement about oneself. Shakespeare declared, “… to be or not to be, that is the question…”; I tend to look at it more as a statement regarding fitness. To be or not to be is not the question, but the question AND the answer.


I can appreciate how many people without children directly present in their lives recoil when they hear children being brought up in multiple conversations. I am a mother first and foremost. Therefore all I do revolves around that fact. I have mentioned it before I know, but my daughter is in faux 1/2 day school, in that three hours is hardly half of any day. Time is of the essence. We as a family had to come to the decision that in order to be fit for “go” and not just for “show” it needed to be a lifestyle change. Most of my memories as a child involved the day long ventures around the neighborhood, in and out of the homes of a half-dozen friends. We were outside riding bikes, running, jumping (sometimes for fun, and sometimes to avoid inevitable consequences of poor decisions too. I was no saint; some would say morally flexible), anything to keep from having to go home. I feel as though now in order to provide my daughter with parallel opportunities we have to schedule them in. Up, workout, Ilee to school, burp! Pick Ilee up from school, Deadline 1 due at 11:30, that gives me 30 minutes to prepare and eat lunch, and park by 12… but we only have so much time before we have to get back home and inside again to take care of deadline 2, prepare for the first of two magazine spreads, and a few ads. I’m pretty sure it is not a good idea to put a 5 year old on a treadmill in an attempt to free up some time by eliminating the park, so I am open to alternative suggestions.


Ilee and my husband have annoying dietary issues that result in an uncomfortable environment to say the least. Lactose and gluten produces gas in their bodies; therefore the body expels this gas. An uncomfortable environment is produced (Their combined odor can peel paint from the walls, and wilt flowers). It is pointless to continue to battle this fact of dietary science. So rather than fighting this and other necessary lifestyle changes, I adapted my style of life and adapted fitness to compliment it. Eating better is not as hard as seems. I love to cook; almost as much as my husband loves for me to cook. Incorporating conscientious nutrition into our lives has had dramatic effects and allows me to get all that much more from the workouts. My body has started to crave this menu much more powerfully than any previous confection; I love brownies, but have yet to be tempted as I avoid them at all costs. And ‘Better than Sex Cakes’ are amazing, but falsely named.


When I was going over what I was going to address in this tirade, the concept of the workout yielded one word: intensity. I mentioned PTSD earlier when referring to my drive to the gym. I know I am throwing this term around, and the reality is this affliction is devastating. However, I am trying to illustrate the level of emotion that I feel. I mean we have all sat in traffic, or at work, or any other of the million environments we find ourselves in, and have had that feeling. Romanticizing about the feel of the ridges on the trigger caressing your finger, as you calmly exhale and gently squeeze, RAT-a-TAT- TAT… and, ya, they probably would have had it coming. But this doesn’t mean you are really going to commit a string of felonies; just that you could have at that time (with a tech nine).  The emotion is still just as powerful, it is just that you have a specific level of reasoning, and prefer not to workout in the “yard” for the next ‘20 to life’. B Fitness is much nicer; and Adam is certainly more pleasant than most any cellmate; although I have no frame of reference (I was never indicted on that one thing that happened that one time. Lets just say he also had it coming). Adam has pushed me to limits previously unknown. This has also influenced how I look at other ‘limits’ I come face to face with throughout the day. I suppose that makes Adam somewhat of fitness Jedi. A pale Mace Windau, with Yoda wisdom and Chewbacca strength.


So, about those results. Ever noticed how people will talk and talk and talk in order to put off having to confront the inevitable; a lot of ‘show and tell,’ where they tell you everything, but show you nothing? I’m not one of those people.

Lost four pounds of fat. Four pounds on the scale. Grand total of 11 pounds of fat, and seven ‘scale-pounds.’ Have exponentially more energy, and my incessant sweating has forced me to tend to my hygiene more regularly. Being self-employed allows me to have a new take on Causal Fridays, by incorporating ‘Crazy Hair Day’ and ‘Pajama Day’ everyday.  Even though Pajama Day still involves full length PJ’s I am making some strides. I was literally running out of my granny panties at the gym, which has me re-thinking my ‘unmentionables’ situation. Really, I was runn’n and pull’n for dear life; with equal amount effort towards each endeavor. Mat claims that since I often think of him when I run, this is a natural effect, and that by not acting on it I am violating one of natures most powerful forces, as well as my subconscious. I guess I’m going to continue to “shut up and do” whatever Adam tells me and choose to be fit.


START: (measurement) 160lb |  56.2lb fat mass | 35% body fat (very poor) | 103.7lb lean mass

GOAL: 130lb | 20lb fat mass | 20% body fat | 110lb lean mass

NOW : 153lb | 39 lb fat mass | 25% body fat | 113lb lean mass