I’m currently obsessed with this little Images of America book that my husband found with pictures and notes from “Denver’s City Park and Whittier Neighborhoods.” Shawn M. Snow did a great job with the images and historical facts. Of course I’m a bit biased because this is my neighborhood, but then again I had a love affair with City Park before I moved up here. (Sorry, south-side of town; I doubt I’ll return!)

The variety of images in this book is incredible–they paint a portrait of every corner of this neighborhood, good and bad. I love how the area has such aristocratic roots and some good urban grit to it too. There are pictures of family life, work history, architectural development, and recreation. I just like a good peek into where things have been and maybe even a bit of foreshadowing to where they’re going.

As it turns out, Images of America is an entire series with books ranging from other cities across the States to parks, companies, and entire ethnic groups. Definitely worth looking into if you’re a history buff or even if you just want to get to know your own neighborhood too.

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