You know the scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle goes gliding across the bookstore on the sliding ladder? I want that to be me some day.

This time of year, I’m particularly obsessed with the condition of my house, organizationally speaking, and also design wise. Parties and house guests and Christmas trees squeezed into our little space seem to draw extra attention to decor. And lately I’ve been thinking about the possibilities of decorating with books.

I don’t have many true walls in our tiny 1930s bungalow, and therefore no shelf space to speak of; but when my house of the future has wall space to lend, rest assured that I will fill those walls with bookshelves and then I, like Belle, will go sweeping from book to book.

I love books, and I want to be surrounded by them. Books are like my trophies, bookshelves my trophy cases. And so when I stumbled upon this post on The English Muse about books as decor, I just had to share. Because if you’re a book hoarder like I am and the books are bound to stay, you might as well find the most beautiful way possible to show them off.

Do you keep your books? Or do you get rid of them when you’re done reading? Would you use books as decor in your home?

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving! Relax and read a book today!


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