Colfax Avenue sure is known for its quirky bar scene. 

From Sancho’s Broken Arrow to the Atomic Cowboy, Denver’s longest street is home to a wide  variety of popular watering holes. The new kid on the block, Prohibition, is gunning to enhance that eclectic neighborhood even further.

With twenty years of experience in his back pocket, owner Jimmy Callahan had a plan to open a bar with a second home feel. “Denverites take pride in their neighborhood taverns, pubs, gastro pubs, restaurants, bars and burger joints.” says Callahan, “Prohibition will be a neighborhood spot, a watering hole, where people will want to hang their hat, grab a beer, watch the game and catch up with a bar tender who knows their name.”

Amongst an abundance of dives and pubs, Prohibition is a game-changer in that it will have a more casual upscale vibe that Callahan hopes will evolve into an increasingly louder and more energetic ambiance as the night progresses. And, with a  happy hour from 5-8pm (meaning you can actually make it there in rush hour traffic), Prohibition is truly the perfect post-work indulgence turned all-night extravaganza.

The bar’s namesake reflects back to the thirteen year period in the United States when the government placed a ban on the sale, transport and manufacture of alcohol. Prohibition will pay homage to its name by featuring a display of newspapers, photos and whiskey prescriptions from the 1920s. The main attraction is a one-hundred-year-old mahogany bar, which sets the backdrop for a rich color scheme.

“We are definitely geared towards the swill,” says Callahan. But, that doesn’t mean the menu is lacking. Prohibition boasts a stellar menu, which includes unique entrees like chicken pot pies, mini elk and jalapeno sausage sandwiches with peppers, braised short ribs with parmesan polenta cake and bacon and brussel sprout hash.

These days, we’re lucky to be able to pull up a bar stool and order our choice of swill. Prohibition is here to celebrate the hooch-making Eighteenth Amendment dodgers who fought for the right to a quick buzz. Whether you’re struck by  the dare-to-be-different grub or the $3 wells at happy hour, stop in and raise your glass to those who suffered through the Noble Experiment.



504 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO

Happy hour: Monday through Friday, 5-8pm, $3 wells and drafts