fruit tart made by yours truly


Define art. I dare you.

Of course, the usual suspects come to mind — Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh. But artistic ability is not limited to the stroke of a paint brush. Art is ubiquitous and broad and unconstrained. We’re all artists.

I can’t draw to save my life. I’m not Lea Michele (although, every Tuesday I wish I was). Unless excessive snapshots of my kitten Howie count as photography, I’m no Ansel Adams. But I can cook.

Professional chefs can arrange their gastronomic masterpieces with beautifully executed plating techniques. While I agree that we eat with our eyes, for me I find art in the experience of cooking. The variety of spices, cooking techniques, produce and protein allows for endless combinations and kitchen inventions. Cooking is the ultimate artistic satisfaction — I can be creative AND fill my belly. If self-expression and satiety are not enough, it’s always a thrill to share my delectable meals and watch my guests clean their plates. Most artists would cringe at the thought of the fruits of their craft vanishing so quickly. I just make dessert.