McBride: Straight edge boundary pusher

Rock stars take drugs. Like most stereotypes, this one exists because it’s often true. And ever since DJs became the new rock stars, many of them have fallen into similar behavior patterns. There’s an exception to every rule, though, and Minnesota’s DJ ESP, certified Woody McBride at birth, is an exception to this one. Straight edge and chemical-free since his days organizing and promoting junior high school dance parties in Bismarck, North Dakota, ESP makes minimal acid house and techno without ever having ingested a single drop of LSD. Who needs strychnine when you’ve got creative juices? Denver’s Greg Campbell certainly isn’t judging. The Full Flavor Music boss is flying McBride to the Mile High club this Friday, April 29, to hype “Guten Timen”, McBride’s new joint on Campbell’s label. Appaloosa–on the 16th Street Mall–will play host to the hootenanny in question.

Why cut lines when you can cut a rug?